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How to Create an Engaging Author Website That People Will Actually Visit

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By Mariah T.

The key to being a successful author is exposure. You have to get your book out there. You can thank the internet because the PR game is now in your hands. The architecture of a solid website is enough to get readers curious about what you wrote. But getting started creating a site with good SEO, aesthetic design, memorable branding, and more is a work of art.

A website gives you the perfect opportunity to launch a platform for yourself and your book(s). But creating that site is only the beginning. You must use it as a portal to connect you and your work to your audience. This can come about in a lot of different ways, but first and foremost you need to make sure it has a solid foundation. Once the basics are in place and you have a website that works in browser and on mobile, then you can worry about SEO, branding, and everything else.

Let’s look at a few ways to generate traffic to your author website and to better understand the rules of making it attractive with attractive content.


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