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How to Get Started Creating Videos

How to Get Started Creating Videos

Creating a video is one of the most effective tools in marketing your book. But are you using this tool to your advantage?

Today, I want to share with you a step-by-step plan on how to get yourself started creating videos that will be a powerful way to market your products.


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Protected: Publishing from Indie Author to Int’l Distribution #RochesterWriters Workshop Notes via @sylviahubbard1

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How to Schedule a Week’s Worth of Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes

A big complaint that I hear from authors about social media is how much time it takes. They don’t want to waste what little time they do have on social media when they could be writing.

I'll show you how authors can save a ton of time scheduling posts on social media all while growing your audience and seeing bigger results. Book marketing strategies, book marketing tips, social media tips for authors, author marketing, book marketing ideas, social media strategies for authors, book publishing, creating content for authors,

So imagine their surprise when I tell them that I spend no more than 30 minutes per week posting to social media. And about 5-10 minutes total each day day responding to comments, liking posts and engaging with my audience.

Social media is very important to grow your audience, but it doesn’t need to take over your entire day.

I’d like to share my process so you can easily schedule your own social media posts ahead of time and be more productive.

So here’s what I do:

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How to Grow a Facebook Group From Zero to 1,000+ Members Fast

How to Grow a Facebook Group From Zero to 1,000+ Members Fast

Over the past few years, Facebook have been steadily reducing organic reach. Which means businesses now reach far fewer people for free, when they post something on their Facebook Page.

Facebook’s reason for doing this is obvious. By reducing organic reach, they encourage businesses to advertise. This strategy has been very effective and there are reportedly now more than 6 million active Facebook advertisers.

However, organic reach has not disappeared completely. You can still consistently reach people on Facebook without having to pay, with a Facebook Group.

I’m not advocating that you spam lots of Facebook Groups with links to your website. That is a waste of time and quite frankly annoying. Instead, you should create your own Facebook Group.

By creating a Facebook Group and getting people within your target market to become members, you can market to those people on a regular basis without having to pay. And the big difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page is that members of your Group will actually see your posts – which is a big deal!

So how do you convince people to join your Facebook Group? This article will show you exactly how to generate 1,000+ Facebook Group members quickly.

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What I learned after I released my last book… via @Chicki663

Lesson learned

Since the release of You Know How To Love Me, I’ve learned a lot about my readers. This is long, but I need to get it off my chest.

Prior to publishing the book, I posted questions in a few of the interracial romance groups on Facebook. I explained that this book was the third in the series, and the character of Chelsea had become known to readers in Books 1 and 2, so her story came about organically. I wanted to know what they liked and what they didn’t like in the books they read. This is what I posted, and these were some of the comments I received. Names have been removed to protect the privacy of the commenters.
“I have a question for the readers in the group. I noticed that most of the IR romances I see are WM/BW. At the moment I’m working on Book 3 in my series which features a character from Book 2, a white woman involved with a black man. 
Of course, this isn’t anything new in our community, but I’d like to know what you’d love or hate to see in a BM/WW romance. Are there any things I should avoid? Please be honest. I REALLY need to know before I get too far into this story. Thank you!”
* * * * * * *
“As long as he is not abusive I don’t see any problem. I know this is not a problem in your work.”
“In my own understanding, IR means the main characters are from different races. The sub-genre of IR are many; BW/WM, BM/WW etc.
From my own personal experience as authors, readers prefer to see a BM on the cover rather than a white woman.

What do I hate as a reader?

Four Ways Authors Can Create More by Doing Less

Authors can accomplish more with their book marketing by  working smarter and not harder with their content. Here I share four ways authors can apply this to their marketing to save time and see bigger results. Book marketing tips, book marketing strategies, authors, book promotions, author blogs, author blog content ideas, book publishing tips, book publishing, self publishing tips, book publishing strategies

My dear friend Wendy Lee has an amazing gift of going to a flee market, seeing something that would be perceived as worthless, and turning it into the most remarkable piece of art or piece of furniture.

It’s amazing! When she shows me one of her new creations I think, “Why didn’t I see that? Why didn’t I see the beauty or the functionality of that piece like she did?”

She’s able to take something that was intended for one use and turn it into something else. For example, she took an old fireplace mantel, refashioned it and turned it into a shelf that’s in her hallway.

Or she’s taken an old wood frame and turned it into an amazing mirror.

The truth is, doing things like this takes practice and awareness. Wendy Lee observes and educates herself. She makes herself aware.

And as crazy as it sounds, we can do the same thing with our marketing.

I often hear from authors who are running themselves ragged. They are sick of book marketing taking over their entire day and it’s burning them out.

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How To Use Tumblr To Promote Your Book


Tumblr is a huge (and growing) platform that is an interesting mix of social media and micro-blog. It’s perfect for authors looking to promote their books.

With all the various social media platforms available to you, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to stay up-to-date on all of them. My advice is to pick two or three and hit those hard. Many of you are already using Facebook and Twitter to promote your books, and that’s great. But if you are overlooking Tumblr, you may be missing out on some incredible opportunities.

A huge (and growing) platform that is an interesting mix of social media and micro-blog, Tumblr is perfect for authors looking to promote their books. It has over 450 million users and over 12 billion posts. Plus, it has a very intuitive interface, making it easy to post quotes, photos, videos, audio files, etc.

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6 Ways to Rank Higher on The Instagram Stories Feed

Over the past few years, Instagram has taken the world by storm. With over a billion users, Instagram trails only parent company Facebook in terms of traffic. While IG has long been a fan-favorite, the addition of a “Stories” feature is what put the platform on the fast track to worldwide ubiquity.

Stories began as a way for Instagram to emulate competitor Snapchat’s ephemeral nature; now, Stories alone boasts twice as many active users as Snapchat has in total. The combination of Instagram’s immense user base, its relationship with Facebook, and its ease of use catapulted Stories to social media stardom.

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KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace) vs. IngramSpark

Last month, I wrote a refresher post comparing Smashwords and Draft2Digital. This month, I think it’s probably time for a refresher post comparing KDP Print and IngramSpark.

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#Smashwords Introduces Global Coupons via @markcoker

At Smashwords, we’re committed to providing our authors and publishers the greatest possible control over their ebook publishing, distribution and marketing.

Today I’m pleased to announce Global Coupons, a new marketing tool that enables authors and publishers to assign a single coupon code to two or more books in their catalog.

Global Coupons are a boon to authors and publishers that want to initiate, track, and manage custom marketing campaigns encompassing multiple titles.

With the addition of Global Coupons, authors and publishers now have another powerful Smashwords-exclusive marketing tool they can use to attract readers and turn fans into superfans.

Authors and publishers can use Global Coupons to drive subscriber acquisition for private newsletters, reward reader loyalty, distribute review copies to reviewers and media, and make their books eligible for discovery with the Smashwords Store’s ever-present “Special Deals” shelves.

How to Create Global Coupons

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