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12 Proven Content Promotion Strategies To Get More Traffic

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In their 2018 research, the Content Marketing Institute found that 37% of brands plan to increase their content marketing spending.

As small businesses continue to invest heavily in content marketing, content creation has seen an exponential rise. The average length of a blog post for seeing “strong” results is now over 1000 words.

However, most content still sits in the deep corners of the internet and goes unnoticed. Ahrefs found that 91% of content doesn’t get any organic traffic from Google.

You don’t need to get disheartened, though.

Instead, you need to create a fail-proof content distribution strategy that ensures visibility for every piece you publish.

Forbes Top 10 B2B marketer Aaron Orendorff spends 25% of his time to promote his content. In 2018, you need to take content distribution seriously for the success of your content marketing campaigns.

Today, let’s look at how to create a distribution strategy from scratch.


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