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50 Ways Indie Authors Can Boost Their Facebook Engagement NOW


It’s always tricky to find great content to post to Facebook, and with their new algorithm change, it’s now even harder. But it doesn’t have to be. Facebook’s changes are all based on follower engagement and not being too salesy. One of the things I love the most is using my personal Facebook Profile and my Fan Page as ways to communicate with fans, boost reader engagement and keep the book promotion wheels turning.

But I don’t do it in a way that pushes too much book marketing content out there. Instead I mix it up with trending topics, funny memes, and helpful advice.

As you start to build your reader engagement and grow your fan base, you’ll find that the more you can post content that engages readers, the better all of your posts will start to show up in their feed.

Treat your Facebook plan like a pie chart, with book promotion being a somewhat smaller part of that pie. When it comes to selling on Facebook, truly less is more.

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How Authors Can Capture One’s Attention

Authors love to write but it’s what they say about their writings that will dictate their success.
Even though books should stand on their own merits, in order to inform and excite others about a book, an author must go out there and talk it up.  What he or she says about a book will greatly influence others to seek out that book.  So what should one say – or not say – about it?
Well, it depends on the setting.  Is this a four-minute TV segment or a 20-minute podcast?  Is it a byline article or a post on Instagram?  Is it a bookstore signing or a speech before hundreds of people?
What you say, how you say it, and the visuals and sound effects that accompany your words will greatly impact your presentation.  Be aware of the tools and resources available to you. more :

5 Areas to Focus on to Grow Your Blogging Income

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Growing Your Blog’s Income

In today’s episode, I want to talk about growing your blogging income, particularly when you’ve already started building some traffic and income streams on your blog.

This one will be most relevant if you’re at an intermediate to more advanced level. If you’re just starting out you’ll learn things that may not be relevant for you today, but will be good to know going forward.

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How I Boosted Print Sales by Discounting My Ebooks

After struggling for more than a decade to establish myself in a writing and publishing career, I knew I wanted to give back to the community that had consistently helped me. Years of giving advice in online forums and in-person events led me to publish the Paper Hearts book series about writing, publishing, and marketing books. And as I continued to work with aspiring authors, I also developed a series of worksheets that I eventually compiled into its own unique workbook.

But when it came time to release the Paper Hearts Workbook, I found myself in a bit of a conundrum. Most self-published works are promoted online in ebook form — BookBub is an excellent example of a promotional tool for ebooks — but the Paper Hearts Workbookwas a print-only book; it was designed to be used like a journal, with the reader working directly on the pages with a pen. It would not work as an ebook.

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PODCAST: How Updating Your Archives Can Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

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How Updating Your Archives Can Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

In today’s episode I want to talk about a trend I’ve noticed among many experienced bloggers – tending to their archives.

Many experienced bloggers are slowing down on new content, while increasing traffic to to their blog by revising posts they’ve already written.

Individual blog posts tend to get the most traffic on your site, which means there’s gold in them thar archives.

But like any asset – your car, your home, even your body – your archives depreciate.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes: Step by Step


Last updated on March 14th, 2018 — Do you want to learn how to start a WordPress blog the right way? More than 8,500 people have used this tutorial to start theirs! Let’s get yours set up…

Bluehost is where I started my first WordPress blog almost a decade ago. They’ve now put together an exclusive deal for Blog Tyrant readers so I can help you get set up properly as well!

All you need to start a WordPress blog is a domain name and a hosting platform. Once you’ve got that you just install WordPress for free and start blogging!

Let’s dive right in and show you how to start your first self-hosted WordPress blog today. It’s super simple and with this walk-through and video tutorial you’ll be blogging in no time!

11 Ways to Promote Preorder Books that Drive Real Results

For a traditionally published author, a hefty number of preorders can increase a print run and create a sense of excitement around a new release. Early buzz may convince the publisher’s marketing team to take a book more seriously, and invest more time, creative brainpower, and marketing dollars into nurturing a potential bestseller.

For a self-published author, a swell of preorders can trigger algorithms that alert retail sites like Amazon to a book’s presence. This makes it more likely that the book will appear in “hot new release” lists, which can increase not only preorders, but post-publication sales and even name recognition.

Finally, because many retailers count preorders on release day, a large number of preorders can land an author on a bestseller list early in their new book’s sales cycle, whether traditionally or self-published.

However, preorder marketing efforts don’t always guarantee preorder sales. When promoting a book, there are so many factors at play: the uniqueness of a book, whether it’s a series or standalone, the dynamic of the author’s platform, the promotional budget, the author’s marketing prowess, and more.

Regardless, the months before a book releases are a golden opportunity for creating awareness. First, let’s cover how to set up a preorder for success:

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3 Principles of Building an Engaged Blog Audience

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How to Develop an Engaged Blog Audience

In today’s episode I want to talk about building engagement on your blog, and building a sense of community around it and your online business.

Building engagement is so important for your blog. It helps word-of-mouth growth, gives you energy, builds social proof on your site, and leads to more effective monetization. When people see engagement, they want to stick around and spend money.

Three ways to build engagement with your audience

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New 2018 Edition of the #Smashwords Book Marketing Guide Offers 65 Book Marketing Ideas

The new 2018 edition of the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide is now available.

Click to your favorite retailer to download it now for free:

Barnes & Noble

You’ll learn 65 book marketing ideas ideas to make your book more discoverable and desirable to readers.  Even if you’ve already implemented some of these ideas, I provide fresh context to make your implementation of these ideas even more effective.

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