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How to Write Attention-Grabbing Promo Copy for Books [Book Marketing 101]

How to Write Attention-Grabbing Promo Copy for BooksThe publishing marketplace is flooded with thousands of new titles every single day, and readers are inundated with offers, messages, pictures, and pleas to buy. But startling copy can make someone stop and pay attention to your book.

Since self-publishing my first book Lip Service in 1999, traditionally publishing 18 books, hybrid-publishing 3 more, starting AuthorBuzz (the first ad agency for authors), and co-creating 1001 Dark Nights (a romance novella marketing initiative), I have seen the landscape go from manageable to crowded to very crowded to where we are now — absolutely insane.

Despite the flooded marketplace, AuthorBuzz has successfully helped launch authors’ careers, ratcheted their sales up to the next level, or maintained their sales momentum while everyone else in their genre was slipping.

How have we done it?

First, we recognize no two books are the same. No two authors are the same. And to stand out in such a competitive marketplace, you have to hook readers with compelling promotional copy that makes a book feel unique. In this post, I’ll walk you through how we develop killer copy for our clients’ book descriptions, advertising campaigns, social media posts, and author websites that helps them outswim their competition.

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Pinterest your way to more clicks, email subscribers & sales

Businesses use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with their audiences and promote services, but over the years Pinterest has grown to become a powerful search platform to further target audiences before they make a purchase.

According to Pew Research Center, only 29% of U.S. adults use Pinterest but learning how to maximize and best use this platform can be key to an increase in clicks, email subscribers and sales.

Pinterest is commonly used to browse around for something to use in the future, narrow down ideas or find something specific. Today, businesses are taking advantage of what pinners are using Pinterest for to better promote their services.

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Selling Your Books: No Guarantee By Tom Blubaugh

Selling Your Books: No Guarantee
By Tom Blubaugh
There are numerous voices out there in the literary marketplace that profess to have the latest and greatest methods for you to sell your books. But before you make an investment in a program, product, or professional, I suggest that you do the following.
Research, research, research! Do your homework. Look beyond the glossy ads and favorable testimonials and find out if that product, person, or thing can take you where you want to go in regards to book sales.
How many gadgets have you bought that currently have a permanent residence in a dark, deep closet somewhere in your humble abode? Consider that when you are positioning your book for sales. If a person promises that you will sell 1,000 books in 10 days if you buy their program, how realistic is this claim? Just take a trip down to that closet and look at all the “get rich quick or lose 20 lbs. by tomorrow” stuff there. If you’ve already thrown all that away, then think about the money you wasted on them in your younger, more gullible days. Those schemes will suddenly shake you back to reality.
Also selling your book to “everyone” is not cost effective, nor is it reasonable.


Marketing Your Book, Your Way


Marketing Your Book, Your Way

Writing a book is difficult. But, you knew that. You’re reading a blog about writing for writers. But, what happens after you’re done? You’ve put in the hours and hours of work, Beethoven’s Fifth turned all the way up, a glass of port wine collecting rain from the thunderstorm outside – or however you write.

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Book Marketing: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Amazon Book Pages

There are many ways to market your books, but most marketing will drive readers to your sales page on the online bookstores, and there are ways you can improve it so they stick around and buy.

In today’s article, Chrys Fey outlines how you can improve your Amazon book sales page.Amazon is the place to be if you’re an author. Even if you publish wide, this is where the reviews that matter, the reviews that influence sales, come in.

This is where most readers come to buy reading material. This is where an author could potentially make it onto a bestseller list.

Your Amazon book page is like a home for your book, your fans, and any potential readers. Just as you decorate your home to make it inviting, cozy, and reflect your style, you can do the same for your books’ pages on Amazon.

You may not be able to change the color scheme, but you can include as much information as you can about your books for Amazon customers. The more compelling, insightful and fun the information, the better.

Obviously, you’ll want to have the full blurb for your book set up for readers, but don’t stop there!Here then are 5 ways to spice up your Amazon book pages:

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How to Get Started With YouTube Messages

social media how toLooking for a new way to connect with people on YouTube?

Wondering how to engage with your subscribers on a more personal level?

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and use private YouTube messages on mobile.

How to Get Started With YouTube Messages by Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner.

How to Get Started With YouTube Messages by Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner.

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3 Ways to Get More Facebook Comments on Your Facebook Posts

social media how toWant more people to comment on your Facebook posts?

Looking for ways to encourage meaningful discussion on Facebook?

In this article, you’ll find three ways to get more comments on your Facebook page posts.

3 Ways to Get More Facebook Comments on Your Facebook Posts by Ann Smarty on Social Media Examiner.

3 Ways to Get More Facebook Comments on Your Facebook Posts by Ann Smarty on Social Media Examiner.

Why Facebook Comments Still Matter

In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s not easy to get people to stop and engage with your business on Facebook, especially now that organic visibility is being limited for businesses on the platform.

Yet organic engagement is crucial for a Facebook page’s success because Facebook uses it as the quality signal — the more people who engage with the page, the more people will see the business’s next update on Facebook.

Comments are the most effective method of Facebook engagement, thanks to the “queuing up” psychology: more and more people feel inclined to engage when they see an already active discussion in the thread.

So how do you attract more comments to your Facebook page posts and page post ads? Here are a few effective tactics to try.

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23 Facebook Tools to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

How to Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts Without Paid Tools

social media how toWant to save time by bulk scheduling your Facebook posts?

Wondering how to schedule posts without using a paid third-party tool?

In this article, you’ll discover a three-step process to schedule multiple posts to your Facebook page and group using free tools.

How to Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts Without Paid Tools by Katie Hornor on Social Media Examiner.

How to Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts Without Paid Tools by Katie Hornor on Social Media Examiner.

Why Bypass Third-Party Apps to Schedule Your Facebook Posts (and Tweets)?

There has been much debate over whether organic reach is better when you schedule Facebook posts within Facebook itself rather than use third-party apps. Mari Smith says it is better.

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