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Selling eBooks at Book Fairs @indiesunlimited

Selling eBooks at Book Fairs

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Most of us, I think, participate in as many book fairs in our local area as we can. I’ve written before about how to make the most of a book fair appearance, but recently I’ve forayed into new (to me) territory. I decided to have some eBooks on hand to sell.

How the heck do you sell an eBook in person?

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Draft2Digital Announces New Author Referral Program

Draft2Digital is one of the largest independant self-publishing platforms and they have just launched a new affiliate program that is unlike anything else in the industry. With this new program, referrers can earn 10% of D2D’s cut of author royalties for Books sold through the service’s distribution network, for one year.

“We’ve always had excellent word of mouth promotion,” says D2D’s Director of Marketing, Kevin Tumlinson. “Refer a Friend is meant to reward those authors and industry influencers who are sending new authors our way anyway. We want to share the wealth, while encouraging people to help us grow.”
Referrers can earn 10% of D2D’s cut of royalties on individual books sold through their distribution channels, while the referred author keeps all of the royalties they would normally have earned.

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Which Format Should You Publish Your Book In?

Which format should authors publish their books in – and why?
Many authors will simultaneously release a book in multiple formats.  At the very least, they will have a print and digital edition published at the same time.  Others will do an audiobook, perhaps a little later on.  Some will publish hardcover and trade paper at the same time while some may only do a mass market paperback edition.  There are also publishers who release a print-on-demand version while selling the digital and audio book editions.
What makes sense for you?

#Smashwords has a Podcast

Not to be outdone by Barnes & Noble, ebook distributor Smashwords has launched a podcast. It is not called WordSmash (which would have been my choice) but Smart Author:

Whether you’re new to ebook publishing or you’re already a New York Times bestselling author, the Smart Author Podcast will help you reach more readers with your words. A short preview trailer launched this week.  Give it a listen now at Apple Podcasts, or visit any of the links at the bottom of this post.

Next Friday, October 27, marks the official launch when we’ll release the first four episodes.  Subscribe now at Apple Podcasts so you don’t miss a single episode!

You might wonder, does the world need yet another podcast on self publishing?  I think the answer is YES!

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5 Simple @Amazon Sales Tips for Indie Authors

Author Marketing Experts, Inc. by Penny Sansevieri  /

Indie authors can’t really take a break when it comes to book marketing, but you know what, that doesn’t mean every strategy has to be labor intensive and sometimes simple changes can really help spike your Amazon sales.

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From eBooks to cBooks – new eBook format combining the best of book and film in an exciting new story platform.

Guest Column: Screenwriter and film producer Nick Fletcher and creative author Elsa Evripidou talk about the creation of the new cinematic book ‘Monsoon Tide’

Imagine a product where you can access a character’s backstory, inner thoughts and motivations but you can also see and hear the people, locations and action with the immediacy of a film.  With a cinematic book or cBook you read a chapter on your e-reader and then click to view the ensuing clip which propels you to the next chapter and so on.  The story is therefore revealed, half in a written and half in a film format.

Reasons for it:

  • We have all had the experience of watching beloved novels become slightly disappointing feature films because some of the intricacies of the original story and the insights into the characters have got lost in translation.  The cBook means that this depth of background can be retained whilst at the same time exploring some wonderful cinematic possibilities.
  • In our view, e-books are, for the most part, merely replicating conventional books in an electronic format.  As a result, they are losing market share to the old style printed books.   E-books, however, can do so much more.  There are many audio-visual, gaming and interactive possibilities which could be added to e-books and could perhaps appeal to new audiences.
  • As avid readers ourselves, we were naturally concerned that the cBook might be seen as a dumbing down of literature, taking people away from the joys of reading and immersion in a story.  However, English teachers have been very enthusiastic about the concept, seeing the possibility to attract reluctant readers into the wonderful world of literature.  The clips can act as motivation… reading a few pages will be rewarded with a visual treat.  Also, a cBook story (akin to a 300 page novel) can be read in under two hours.

Who should consider making a cBook?

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How to Profit From Ebook Self-Publishing

By Mariah

Not too long ago, first-time novelists had to send their printed manuscripts to multiple publishers before getting published—if at all. If they play their cards right, today’s novelists can skip the publishing houses and agents and earn money through self-publishing. Ebook fiction, in particular, does extremely well. A number of authors have earned incredible sums with their popular ebooks, like Michael J. Sullivan, Lisa Genova, and Hugh Howey. While you may experience insta-fame from your experience, there are ways to improve your profits.

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Why eBook Promotions are Indie Author Gold


As an indie author, you have full control over your book’s success, which isn’t a responsibility to take lightly.

Many authors still dream of that publisher deal.  Once you sign that contract, you’ll be limited in what you can do.  Being able to do discount eBook promotions play a big role in the level of exposure you’re able to achieve and the options you have to grow your fan base.

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119 Book Marketing Ideas That Can Help Authors Increase Sales via #h2e

Whether you’re an author, a marketer at a publishing house, a publicist, or anyone else looking to sell books, there’s a wide array of book marketing tactics you can use to amplify a book’s exposure and reach more readers. To spark inspiration and get those creative juices flowing, we put together 119 book marketing ideas.

Some of these ideas can help directly increase book sales, while others may help expand your platform, which can lead to future sales. Not all of these ideas will be applicable all the time, and we encourage you to consider the impact each might have before deciding where to invest your time. But we hope these ideas will give you plenty of options when developing your own marketing plan.

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