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10 Reasons Why Authors Should Stay INDEPENDENT



What would you think if a business sells their products only through one retailer? Economic suicide! Isn’t it? Why sell books only to one company? And it is not even selling, it is a kind of consignment… as they don’t pay you upfront, only when your book is sold, will you get money!

Authors would be wise to sell their books not only through Amazon but as well on Barnes & Noble, Apple and especially Kobo and other online book retailer websites, to have their “eggs in more than one basket”.  Either directly or with the help of one or more international distributors – who also can distribute it to libraries and the independent bookstores.

If you go the indie route and choose for example the POD services and worldwide distribution through Draft2DigitalIngramSparkeBookPartnership, or Lightning Source  (provided you have at least ten books to be considered a small publisher by LightningSource) your book is printed on demand and will never get discarded (good: no-return-policy in POD worldwide distribution).  See these articles “How to Distribute Your Book Worldwide” and “How to Sell Translated German-Language Books Overseas”.


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Subscription Box Service, A Way to Build Your Brand?

A while back, I came across an article about starting a subscription box service. I’d never thought of that as an option before, but the idea is interesting.

One of the examples is Brave Roots Box, which sends religious items to kids and teens each month (the owner was cited in the article I read). Apparently, the subscription box business model is prevalent enough that there’s a service entrepreneurs can use, called CrateJoy. CrateJoy bills itself as the “All-in-One Ecommerce Platform for Subscription Box Businesses.”

I haven’t personally used the service, but you can use them to make sales and collect payments, customize your store’s webpage, and integrate with shipping and other services.

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Ideas for Promoting Your Book

Book promotion comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Book Visuals and Pricing

It starts with your book cover. The Book Designer talks about recent cover trends that may give you some ideas (what colors to use, how to use typography, types of images, and more).

For print books especially, you’ll also want to work on the spine and the back cover.

Another thing to consider is the price of your book. Again The Book Designer has some advice, which includes analyzing prices on Amazon with the KDP Pricing Support service, taking into account length and genre, and changing your prices.


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The Fast Lane to Collecting More Book Reviews

By the time you’ve published your long-awaited book, you’re ready to keel over from exhaustion.

There’s little gas left in the tank to launch an aggressive campaign that pitches those all-important book reviewers, the critics who help readers decide whether to buy your book.

It can take you weeks to track down bloggers, journalists and others who review books in your genre. Then you have to write the perfect pitch, keep track of who you’ve emailed,  and pray that you have the correct email addresses.

Finally, there’s a better way.

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How to Get Book Reviews: The Ultimate Manifesto

how to get book reviews

How to Get Book Reviews: The Ultimate Manifesto

In this blog post we will detail how to approach getting quality honest reviews for your book, and legitimately—in ways that won’t risk getting your Amazon account suspended.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to get Amazon book reviews
  • How to get blogs to review your book
  • How to get video reviews of your book
  • What to do with book review services (which ones to use and which ones to avoid)
  • Endorsements 101
  • What NOT to do
  • And other unique strategies to get more reviews for your book

This is without a doubt the most comprehensive guide you’ll find on how to get your book out there, and into the hands of people that are willing and able to give it a read and share helpful feedback with you.

A few caveats before we get started:


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Episode 60: Marketers & Coffee: Facebook Pages for Authors

                                           Like it or not, Facebook is a mighty platform for exposure. As an author, familiarizing yourself with Facebook can come in handy, especially as a way for your readers to follow you and stay updated on your books

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EP185: How to Grow a Personal Brand on YouTube

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Is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2019? Today’s guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi, is here to assure us that it’s not too late, and there is plenty of opportunity to grow a personal brand and capitalize off of social media.

Sunny uses Molly as her guinea pig to show us how to start a personal brand from the ground up. Sunny shares her YouTube secrets, including how changing a video title helped her client reach 6 million views, the 2 types of calls to action to place in each video, and how to get YouTube to place your video in their algorithm.

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How to Launch a Book and Ecourse with Matt Tommey

Do you use your content to the fullest? Have you fully explored all the options you have for using your book for income and impact?

In this training, Matt Tommey shares with us how repurposing helped him launch a book and an e-course. Plus, he shares other book marketing tips that he has had success with.

How KDP Promotion Raise Book Sales

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