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4 Facebook features that give you more control

Most of my Facebook connections do a fantastic job of sharing content — their own, or from other sources. And that content is what keeps us coming back for more, whether it’s breaking news or photos of banana bread baked while social distancing at home.

I’ve noticed, though, that many don’t know how to do certain things that will make their time on the social platform more productive and enjoyable.

Whether you’re using Facebook for book marketing, personal use, or both, you’ll be interested in these four lesser-known Facebook features.

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Book Marketing: Mastering Amazon Data To Sell More Books With Alex Newton From K-Lytics

In this detailed webinar replay, Alex Newton from K-lytics presents on how you can use Amazon data to sell more books. 

Watch the video below or here on YouTube:

In this webinar replay, you will find the following: (timestamped for your convenience!)

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6 Ideas for Promoting Your Book While Watching TV

By Sandra Beckwith

I’m one of those people who likes to watch TV to unwind, but just can’t sit there and watch TV. Know what I mean?

I don’t really like that about myself, but I’ve not only accepted it, I’ve learned to take advantage of it. I try to do something productive while sitting there – knitting, cleaning out my inbox, promoting my books, and so on.

That’s right. I promote my books while watching TV, and you can, too. If you’re a like me and find it difficult to just sit and look at the screen, try doing one of these book promotion activities the next time you’re sitting still in front of your favorite show.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Books on your Author Website

Selling books is bread and butter for any author and increasing numbers of indie authors are making their own website the hub of their publishing business, with other online sellers as outposts. The Alliance of Independent Authors has a bookshop on this website where non-members can buy its books (All are free to members who can download by logging in and navigating to the BOOKS menu). Today, we bring you the ultimate guide to selling books on your author website.

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Apple Launched a Publishing Portal for Book Authors – And You Don’t Need a Mac to Use It!

Apple still doesn’t care if you want to read an ebook you buy from them on non-Apple hardware, but they have finally launched a publishing portal that anyone can access using a web browser.

David Gaughran brings us the news that Apple launched a new portal today called Apple Books for Authors. This is primarily an information portal, and it has lots of useful info on marketing, ebook design, audiobooks, cover images, and so on, but if you drill down you will discover that there’s a new way to upload Epub ebooks to be sold in Apple Books.

You can find the upload page here. (You’ll still an iTunesConnect account to upload ebooks, but you can set that up using your existing Apple account.)

This is a huge change for Apple; they used to require that you use a macOS-only app to upload ebooks, or go through a distributor such as Draft2Digital. (Another way around this was to lease a Mac in the cloud, and run the app there.) Now everything is accessible via a web browser.

Go check it out!

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The Most Common Mistakes Writers Make Building Their Brand by Guest @WriterPlatform

Building your brand plays a surprisingly important role in your author business. Every time someone sees your name, lands on your website, reads your book, or listens to you speak, you’re reinforcing what you want them to know about you and your work.

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The New Rules for Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags have been a hot topic on Instagram lately. Do they still work? Do I need to switch them up? Do I use five or 30 hashtags in my posts? Should they go in my caption or in the comments section?

Lots of questions and quite a bit of confusion. So I thought I would address these issue to hopefully clear things up and get you on the right path.

First of all, yes, Instagram hashtags still work. In fact, they are the best way to increase your visibility and engagement on Instagram. But why are so many people still not seeing results with hashtags?

Well, it probably has to deal with your strategy. Cramming a bunch of hashtags in your post without really thinking about it isn’t going to do you much good.

I’d like to give you my four hashtag rules so you can create a winning hashtag strategy of your own!

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Four Elements Of Strategic Income From Your Book Sales

book sales

By focusing on the value, variety, volume, and velocity of strategic revenue, you can maximize your sales and profits now and over the long term.

When authors create content and publishers introduce it to the world, both parties want to maximize their sales, revenue, and profits. That certainly makes sense, but why does it elude so many of us? The strategies to reach these three goals are dissimilar and sometimes mutually exclusive. You can increase sales by selling your books for 99¢ but that will not maximize revenue and will probably lead to negative profits (loss).

By focusing on four elements of strategic revenue, you can maximize your sales and profits now and over the long term. The fearsome foursome are value, variety, volume, and velocity of revenue.

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Authors & Publishers Should Work With Bookshop To Grow Book Sales is a fairly new online retail platform for selling books. It could end up siphoning lots of business from Amazon and provide customers with a way to support indie bookstores. It could create a healthy balance in the book trade between amazon, Barnes & Noble and indies. Authors and publishers should educate the public and provide this ordering option when sharing sales information for their books.

How to Market Your Book in Four Easy Steps (Part 1)

by Christina Kaye, @topshelfedits

So you’ve written a book. Great job. But that fact alone doesn’t guarantee you’re going to sell copies. Simply uploading your book and listing it on Amazon/Kindle or Ingram Spark will not magically generate sales, with the exception of your friends and family. You must take action and actively market your book if you ever want to sell more than a handful of copies.

Before we begin talking about some ways you can market your novel, I think it’s crucial to share my biggest piece of advice with you on how you can increase your potential for selling lots and lots of books. Have your book edited by a professional and hire a professional designer to create a compelling and unique cover for your book. Nothing kills book sales more than poor editing and unprofessional looking covers. Also, be sure you spend quality time writing an effective, well-written, and compelling back cover blurb and Amazon description. These are things potential customers will look at next once your title and book cover have snagged their attention. Finally, you want to make sure you price your book appropriately – not too high, not too low. Check other books in your genre and see how they are pricing for both print and e-books and either match or beat their price.

But let’s assume for the sake of this article that you’ve done all these first steps. What happens next?

This is not an all-encompassing list, mind you. But it is more of a highlight of some of the biggest tactics you must be doing at a very minimum to sell more books.

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