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A Book Launch Plan for First-Time Authors Without an Online Presence via @janefriendman

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While it’s not easy to launch a book without any kind of online presence, many first-time authors are in exactly that position. Unfortunately, it’s an exercise in frustration to launch one’s online presence—and get up to speed on social media—in conjunction with a book release. It’s like trying to drive a car at the same time you’re building it. At some point, you’ll end up on the side of the road.

I recommend authors who are starting from “online zero” to look at their strengths and opportunities that exist outside of their own newly started (or nonexistent) website, blog, or social media. If done well, the book launch will help draw people to you online because they’ve read your book and enjoyed it, not because you’ve tweeted at them to buy it. When your book achieves a reasonable foundation of readership or success, so too will your online presence; the two go hand in hand. (Note: Prior to the book launch, I do recommend you establish sites or accounts you plan to be active on for the long term—just be aware they’ll be most useful, marketing-wise, for your next launch, whenever it is.)read more


5 Reasons Being an Indie Author Makes You a Small Business

Book marketing is brand building

If you plan to write more than one book your book marketing serves as more than just a sales tool.

Successful, full-time indie authors use book marketing to promote their brand and keep their titles top of mind for their current fans, and to draw in new buyers.

Plus, the most effective book marketing approaches don’t simply push product, they create a connection with fans that keep them coming back for more.

Which leads me to my next point…

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5 Ways to Boost Your Indie Author Brand with Images


There’s only one you. Hear me out, because as an indie author, it’s your strongest selling point, if you play your book marketing cards right.

Every author has written a book. So what sets you apart?

Your brand. Yes, as an indie author you need to think of yourself as a small business and a brand.

And one of the best ways to establish your author brand and cement reader loyalty is through imagery.

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Indie Author Content Ideas for your January Book Marketing

Indie Author Content Ideas for your January Book Marketing

Welcome to January’s content ideas for your indie author book marketing!

Plan to make 2018 your best content year yet – because without those regular connections with your fans and followers, without putting yourself out there, you’re just another book on the shelf they’re not connected to.

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Three Things Readers Want to See from Authors on Goodreads

There’s something about the New Year that inspires people to set goals for themselves. Authors take note: other than aiming to finish your next book in 2018, commit to tracking your reading habits by participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

The Goodreads Reading Challenge allows you to set a goal for how many books you want to read this year, and then helps you keep track of that goal. Last year, more than 3 million readers participated in the challenge and pledged to read 3.4 million books. At the end of the year, Goodreads creates a compelling infographic for each member with stats on the books and fun badges that the member unlocked along the way.

Book Marketing Tip: 21 Kinds of Content That Users Love

If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, they won’t follow you where you want.
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If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, they won’t follow you where you want to take them. The key question is: What kind of content universally resonates with people?

Check out The Content Marketer’s Essential Guide to Content Users Love …

Learn to create content that users desire above all else. Learn to create content people love!
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If you want more readers for your books … if you want more people talking about your books … if you want more people following your blog or social networks, then learn how to create content that users desire above all else. Learn how to create content people love!

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How Promo Stacking Helps Authors Hit Bestseller Lists

Hitting a bestseller list is no easy feat, but with the right budget and coordinated strategy, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. While there is no one single formula for hitting a list, we’ve seen several authors successfully hit the USA Today or retailer bestseller lists by promo stacking — running multiple marketing campaigns within a short time frame to maximize the volume of sales within a bestseller list’s reporting period.

In this post, we’ll share how a number of authors have stacked promotions to hit a bestseller list, with links to articles where each author shares more details about their marketing campaigns.

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Revealed: How to Start a Blog and Succeed in 2018


Last Updated January 8th, 2018 — Trying figure out how to start a blog and succeed in 2018? I reckon I might be able to help you with that!

This article was first published four years ago and has since helped thousands of bloggers get started. It’s now constantly updated with the latest trends and information.

I first learned about blogging back in college when I was lucky enough to sell some blogs for 5-figures. Since then I’ve been so fortunate to work full time from my couch! I honestly don’t say this to brag, but just to show you how powerful this format can be for changing your career or revitalizing your existing business.

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The Writer’s Guide to Social Media Organization via @writerunboxed

Flickr Creative Commons: Animated Heaven

Today’s writer is busier than ever, and social media can be demanding. Writers have established goals, developed a brand, and know their readers. The best way to stay on top of our career is to incorporate organizational skills into social media.

I continue to explore methods to use social media effectively and efficiently. I believe social media can be handled in thirty minutes, leaving us free to do what we do best for the rest of the day—write.

Here are 7 ways I’ve learned to categorize social media into a manageable—and enjoyable—process.

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15 Instagram Tips & Strategies To Grow Followers

Social media can be a huge time suck for authors seeking to promote a book, market their brand, and build a large following.  If you don’t do it, you injure your career and ability to get your message out, but when you tackle it you find yourself losing hours that could be used for writing or more effective marketing efforts.  But if you’re going to pursue social media, do it wisely and do it well!

Want to be an Instagram star?  Follow these 15 steps and strategies and you will grow your connections, increase book sales, and influence more people: