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Instagram Reels: What Marketers Need to Know

Want to create engaging short-form video on Instagram? Have you heard about Instagram Reels? In this article, you’ll discover what Instagram Reels is, learn how to create a reel on Instagram, and discover how to use Instagram Reels for business

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The bible to mastering keywords to sell more books … thank you! @selfpubwithdale, author of Amazon Keywords for Books: How to Use Keywords for Better Discovery on Amazon #bookreview #howtoebook

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When I was Reading Dale’s book, instead of my voice in my head, his voice was there, encouraging me that I could master keywords and giving me layman’s terms I could understand and conquer this journey I’ve been frustrated with for years.

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In the first twenty pages, I learned an amazing technique that really changed my books keywords and increased the sales on books I hadn’t gotten touched in a couple of months without any other marketing to them.

I truly know this book is so needed in this day and age when meta data will rule the next bestseller. Dale has made it understandable and given me a winning solution to reaching my target market and selling books

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How to Use Instagram Tagging for More Exposure

Want more people to see your Instagram posts? Are you using Instagram tags effectively? In this article, you’ll discover the difference between @mentioning an account versus tagging an account, learn how and when to use each of these tactics, and find out how to remove your tag from someone else’s post.

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How to Set Up Facebook Shops to Sell Your Products

Does your business sell physical products? Wondering how to sell your products using Facebook Shops? In this article, you’ll learn how to create a shop on Facebook, use Commerce Manager to add products to your shop, and promote the products in your Facebook shop.

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How to Manage Instagram Followers Effectively and Efficiently

Wondering how to manage your Instagram followers? Not sure what it even means to manage your Instagram followers?

You’ve come to the right place.

But before we get started, know that managing your followers doesn’t mean trying inauthentic growth hacks like Instagram automation or buying followers. Those are just a bad idea. Always.

Managing Instagram followers means:

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How to Drive Local Foot Traffic With Twitter Ads

Want more customers for your local business? Have you considered using Twitter to connect with customers? In this article, you’ll discover how to use Twitter ads and organic techniques to bring more foot traffic to your local business.

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MUST DO Steps for Amazon Campaigns for eBooks

By Judith Briles

Daily, I get questions from published authors: Is it worth it … to put in the time and energy to mount a bestseller campaign on Amazon?

If you are a bestseller snob, you will say no, arguing only the “real” lists count: the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalUSA Today, etc. Being the contrarian that I can be,
I’m going to say it is worth it.

I’m talking Amazon … the gorilla that sells most of the books. I’m not talking the “one hour” slot. How about claiming 24 hours for several days? In multiple categories? And how about starting the buzz and building momentum for your title?

It takes work. It’s not something that you should be thinking: … ummm, today is Friday—I’m going to do a bestseller campaign next week. That’s a huge nope—and a recipe for failure.

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Guest Post: 5 Fail-safe Strategies for Selling More Books

By Dave Chesson

Selling books can be hard. Sure, marketplaces like Amazon have made it easier than ever to list your books for sale, but grabbing readers’ attention is more difficult than ever. In this article, we’ll look at five strategies you can use to sell more books.

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Why Authors Should Know Their Target Audience

By Kate Tilton

Who is your target audience? What is a reader profile?

These are two questions that continue to baffle many authors, not only new authors starting out in this business but even established authors with several books out. I get it, with all the marketing information out there these terms get thrown around a lot. So first let’s break it down.

By definition a “target audience” is “the intended group for which something is performed or marketed; the specific group to which advertising is directed.” ( In other words, your target audience is the people you market your book to. A target audience is also referred to as a “target market” or in our industry a “target reader” or “target readers” so keep this in mind.

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Coronavirus Lockdown Lessons for Authors

When Coronavirus hit pandemic status in March 2020, no one was expecting a global lockdown. Life changed dramatically, forcing millions to stay at home, disrupting work life, social life and travel plans. New habits and routines needed forming, adjustments to family dynamics had to be made, and our creative processes were flung into turmoil. But as some countries make the long journey out of lockdown, over in the Alliance of Independent Authors, we thought we would look to the future and how we can make positive changes. This is: coming out of lockdown: coronavirus lessons for authors.

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