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Managing Your Blog On a Mobile Device

The Blog

Have you given the WordPress mobile apps a try lately? We’ve been working hard to make sure our iOS and Android apps are simple to use and have the features you need to blog right from your phone or tablet. Here are a few recent additions and updates that make blogging on the go easier:

Add Categories and Tags

Before publishing a blog post, you can add categories and tags right in the app’s post editor. To add categories and tags to a post in the iOS editor, tap the at the top right, then Options. On Android, tap the gear icon at the top right.

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Using Book Promotions Sites to Launch Your Book (podcast)

Episode 7: 

In today’s episode, we learn about book promotion sites, how they actually work, and how authors can use them in order to get their books to a large number of readers.  They can be a powerful tool for book launches, as well as a steady drip of sales over time. However, not all promotion sites…

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9 Ways To Make Money As A Writer

Okay, so writing doesn’t seem to pay.  You spend hours researching, writing, and editing.  Then you spend time trying to sell your writing to a magazine, website, or book publisher.  Then you spend time marketing and promoting your work.  Is there a way to make a few bucks from being a writer?

10 Major Areas Authors Must Choose For Marketing Their Books

Authors hear a lot of the same advice about book marketing and publicity.  It’s very obvious what needs to be done.  The question is how does one do these things especially with limited time, money, desire, or knowledge?
The best way to tackle this is to first take an overview of things.  Start by identifying your short vs. long term goals.  Those goals will dictate your priorities and help you schedule your time and allocate your resources properly.

Get book publicity with #HARO

Want free book publicity? Subscribe to Help a Reporter Out — HARO.

HARO is a free daily email service that connects journalists with sources. The 800,000-plus people who use it receive three e-mails a day loaded with queries from journalists who describe what they’re looking for in a source and why.

If you make the effort to scan those emails for opportunities to contribute your expertise or experience, you and your book could be mentioned in the news or on a blog.

The trick to getting an interview and subsequent exposure — all of which you don’t pay for — is responding to the right queries appropriately. More on that later, though. It helps to first understand more about HARO and how the system works.

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Book Marketing 101: Proven Strategies for Upping Your Book Reviews Game

Every once in a while, I’ll talk to an author who says, “I have enough book reviews,” so they don’t want my help in that area of their book marketing.

But I can tell you that 99% of the time, they’re wrong.

If you don’t need any more reviews for a title, then consider that title done. Move on, put your focus elsewhere. If you can’t appreciate more reviews, then realistically other book marketing strategies won’t matter either.

“I have too many reviews!” said no author ever. Proven strategies to up your book marketing and…
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Assuming you’re like me and you don’t fall into this category, let’s go over some ways I know will help get you more book reviews.

.@Amazon is Now Punishing Authors for Running #BookBub Promotions

It is SOP in 2017 for authors to buy space in a BookBub or other sales promotion email so they can boost their ebook sales, but given how Amazon is letting its bots run amok authors might want to reconsider.

There are numerous reports on KBoards from authors who have had an ebook “rank-stripped” within minutes of a BookBub promotion email arriving in readers inboxes.

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Set Up a Website Quickly with StudioPress Sites via @chrisbrogran

I shot a quick video showing just how easy it is to build a WordPress website fast using StudioPress Sites. I’ve been promoting and marketing their products for years because I think they’re great. Let me show you why.

Set up a Website Quickly with StudioPress Sites

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Canva is NOW on Android!! Yes!

Canva for Android
is Here!
Download Now on the Google Play Store
We know that inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere.
Now you can capture the moment and create beautiful designs on the go with your mobile today.
Create designs

Create a design on the go using filters, text and free images.
Create Designs on the Android App
Upload photos

Easily upload your own photos to edit, filter and personalize your designs.
Upload photos on the Android App
Edit and share

Edit and share all your designs – desktop and mobile – from your phone.
Edit and share on the Android App
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4 Ways To Optimize Blog Content So That It Actually Gets Read via @Jeffbullas

You probably already know that having a blog is important, but you may secretly be dubious about how often people actually read to the end of any post you publish.

No doubt you’ve crunched some data and noticed that the amount of time people spend on certain web pages doesn’t exactly correspond with in-depth reading habits.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up.

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