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Google Play Books Now Offers Promo Codes

Google just gave us another reason to set up an author/publisher account in their bookstore: Promo Codes.

The ad network giant sent out an email via the Google Play Books Partner Center yesterday which touted a new (?) promo code feature.

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Amazon is Actively Promoting Audiobook Exchanges as an Audible Subscription Feature

I wasn’t going to touch this story because I thought at first that the claim was an exaggeration or misinterpretation, but I was wrong.

If you’ve been listening to the author grapevine over the past few weeks, you may have heard authors griping about Audible’s return policy. While you can usually find someone griping about something, no matter the topic, this time authors have a valid complaint.

Amazon’s audiobook subsidiary is actively promoting exchanges to potential subscribers.

What do I mean by “actively”?

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Amazon Launches New Author Portal

About three years back Amazon started beta-testing a new author portal called Amazon Author (not to be confused with Author Central). That new portal officially launched this past week with a somewhat confusing name and a new address.

Amazon’s author portal used to be at, but it has now been replaced by a new portal at Along with the new address, the portal has a new look and new features.

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Creative Inspiration For Book Selling During Quarantine

Excerpted from our guide, Book Marketing In The Age of COVID-19, we have creative ideas for marketing and selling your books as we approach the holidays.

For all the lifestyle changes thrust upon us by the pandemic, book marketing opportunities still exist during this quarantine. Thousands of authors sold hundreds of thousands of books during the worldwide lockdown last spring. I think the best ideas to promote yourself and your books start with this premise: Book marketing is about more than selling books.

The most effective author marketing is about establishing relationships with readers. It’s a principle that has helped over 2,000 independent bookstores thrive in this Amazon-dominated marketplace and it’s an approach that authors need to have in mind as we move forward.

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Author Networking: How to Partner with Other Authors

partner with other authors4 (1)

One of the best long-term strategies for an author, other than building an email list, is to build relationships with other authors in your niche or genre.

With this, you can promote each other’s works, do joint email blasts, help each other in your writing craft, and keep up to date with the latest on your genre or niche.

However, building such relationships rarely happens by accident. But at the same time, you can’t force it.

So, how do authors in the digital age get noticed? How do they build meaningful relationships with other authors without coming across as fake? Well, that’s exactly what I will show you.

And just a heads up, some of the links in this article are affiliate links.

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How Authors Can Grow an Audience Before the Book Is Written

When I tell authors that they need to start growing their audience as soon as they start writing their book, they look at me like I’m crazy. 

They often reply with, “How can I do that when I don’t even have a book?” 

We often just associate marketing with selling our book. But we can’t just appear out of nowhere online and expect people to automatically buy our book. We have to introduce ourselves and lead people to know, like, and trust us and what we have to say. 

Modern marketing is simply connecting with people who are interested in the same things that we are interested in. The keyword here is connection. And you don’t need a book to sell in order to do that. 

When you can connect with someone as another human being who has similar interests, life experiences, struggles, and hobbies FIRST, they will be much more attentive and receptive to learning more about your book. 

When you already have someone’s attention and they know, like, and trust you, your promotions will be much more productive and successful. 

So how can authors do that? How can we begin to build an audience even before the book is finished? Here are seven tips to get you started. 

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Seven Secrets To Selling Books As Special Sales

selling books

Selling books to non-bookstore buyers — for employee perks, sales incentives, or add-on value — requires you adopt the seven “Cs” to find success.

My recent post, “The Seven Steps Of Book Sales To Non-Retail Buyers,” described how the trek to special-sales success can be long, arduous and frustrating — and profitable, as well. Through it all, a strong and determined attitude can serve as your book selling GPS on your path to success. There are several basic axioms in book marketing in general — and special sales in particular — that may have a negative impact on your attitude. If you can know in advance that these are going to occur, that negative impact may be reduced.

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7 Sales Funnel Best Practices That Will Transform Your Business

Are you finding it hard to create a sales funnel that works? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

According to some sales statistics, 65% of companies do not have a defined system or funnel for generating leads, 68% are yet to identify or measure their sales funnel, and 65% find lead generation as their biggest marketing challenge.

The challenge is real, so you aren’t in this alone.

Building a sales funnel requires more work than just using a funnel template. The whole process could be overwhelming.

And that’s why it’s the biggest challenge for most companies.

However, there are companies that excel with their sales funnel. They have successfully hacked the best practices.

According to ClickFunnels, only 1% of its customers have generated over a million dollars using a single sales funnel.

They’re doing something different than the remaining 99%.

In today’s post, I’ll uncover the best sales funnel practices that you can implement right away.

But before that, let’s look at some of the reasons your business needs a sales funnel.

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How To Grow Your Platform With Podcasting by Thomas Umstattd

This episode is an interview with Thomas Umstattd on how to grow your author platform with podcasting.

Prefer audio? Listen below.

Subscribe to the podcast here.

Notes from this episode:

We are thrilled to have Thomas Umstattd. He has helped authors for over a decade as a literary agent, marketing director, and radio show host. He started his first podcast in 2007 and currently hosts the Novel Marketing and the Christian Publishing Show.

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