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5 Reasons Authors Should Market Themselves With Email by Guest Conor Kelly

EmailWe love it, we hate it.  We like to complain we get too much of it, but we’re also addicted to our inboxes.  If you’re an author who’d like to build a following, sell more books, and be seen as the go-to person in your industry, then this article will show you how

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Making Your Book’s Description POP on Amazon

It’s tough enough to write an eye-catching blurb for your book on Amazon, especially so when you consider how many millions of books are there to compete with. It’s something we all struggle with, believe me. So how do we make our blurb pop? How do we draw eyes to it on our sales page?

A very quick and easy way, and a very effective way, is to use italics and/or bold in your book’s description. If you’ve published through KDP, I’m guessing your first reaction to this is, “Huh? There’s no option for that in KDP.”

You’re right; there’s not. The emphasis is something you have to add after publishing, and you have to do it through your author central page on Amazon.

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The One Thing Authors Can Do to Dramatically Boost Their Visibility on Instagram

An author recently asked me how I always show up first in her feed when I post something. It’s not a big trick or something that you pay to do – it’s actually much simpler than that.

The one thing that dramatically boosts your visibility on Instagram is engagement.

Engagement is when someone comments, likes, or shares your posts. Strong engagement shows Instagram that your audience finds your posts interesting or helpful and that your content is relevant to them.

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Secure More Media With 10 Critical Book Marketing Strategies

Secure More Media With 10 Critical Book Marketing Strategies

t’s one thing to write a book, it’s quite another to truly understand which book marketing strategies get the attention you deserve. Book promotion feels tough, and it is tough – but it’s not impossible. And when it comes to media pitching, national and otherwise, the rules have really changed.

I’ve written a lot about how a great media pitch can improve a lot of your book marketing strategies, beyond media pitching even, and why a solid subject line is more likely to get your intended target to open your email, but I want to go beyond that. I’ll go a bit behind the scenes, so you know what the media really wants – and it’s more than just an outstanding pitch.

First and foremost the media wants someone who is an expert – who is on top of changing trends, new statistics, and who brings with them a robust social media platform. I’ve had reporters tell me that they sometimes won’t pick an author who isn’t really active on social, or who has a following that isn’t engaged with their message.

Now let’s take a look at that, and other important book marketing strategies that factor into whether or not you’ll get the ‘yes’ you’re looking for on your next big book promotion push.

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Choosing a Publicist: Ruling Out and Ruling In

Today’s guest post is by writer Barbara Linn Probst.

Nowadays, many writers elect to hire their own publicists. That’s especially true for those who publish with small, independent, or nontraditional presses, since that may be the only way for them to secure media attention. It’s also true, however, for writers who take the traditional route. Unless you’re a major name, your publisher will have limited time and resources to devote to your book. If you want more exposure, you’ll have to make it happen yourself.

Getting a book on the radar of potential readers is a complex, multi-faceted process. An author can do a lot of the networking herself, but it’s rare for her to have the knowledge, contacts, and clout that a professional can offer—and, without which, the radius of her outreach will remain limited. Thus, a partnership with an experienced publicist can be invaluable.

However, there are a lot of publicists out there. How can you pick the right one?

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How Do You Create Buzz For Your Book?

Companies spend millions of dollars to create a buzz for their brand, product, or service. You are not a Fortune 500 company, so don’t think you can compete in that area. But you can learn from what top tier professional marketers do to create a buzz.
At your own level, get people buzzing or talking about you. There are many weapons at your disposal. Aim them at the same core of people whom you believe will buy your book and also be in front of influencers and other opinion-sharers. With crafty blog entries, creative videos, and sustained media coverage – as well as participation in local or industry events – you can get people to chat about you.

9 Ways (and 2 Rewards) of Marketing Your Own Book

Photo credit: Sharon Drummond on / CC BY-NC-SA

Today’s guest post is by writer Beth Alvarado.

When I found a good home for my essay collection Anxious Attachments, I knew I would have to take an active role in marketing. After all, while Autumn House Press is a fine press, it’s also small and independent, with no marketing department and limited funds. I published both of my earlier books, Not a Matter of Love and Anthropologies, through university presses—also wonderful, prestigious presses that don’t have marketing departments.

The main problem, however, was me: I knew nothing about marketing and, honestly, didn’t realize I would need to do it.

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10 Rules For Authors Promoting Books

I often think, when advising authors on book publicity, that I know what they need and want to help them succeed at promoting their books.  But it has occurred to me that perhaps authors don’t know as much as I think they do.  They may not even fully understand what I tell them because they have no perspective to work from. How can they appreciate anything when they don’t really know much about the world of publishing, the news media, or books?
So let’s start from the beginning and see if I can help launch an introduction into book publicity for the uninitiated but eager writer.

The Love-Hate Of Speaking About Publicity

I recently moderated a panel of colleagues at MEDIA CONNECT, the leading book publicity firm based in New York City.  For the second year in a row we delivered an empowering workshop before Book Expo America, the largest gathering of the book industry in the United States.
The challenge is not to overcome stage fright or to find something to say, but rather it is to find a way to say a lot in a certain window of time.  A 40- or 60-minute session merely touches the surface of what could and should be done to elevate one’s book and author brand.

10 Things Book Promotion Companies Wish Authors Knew

10 Things Book Promotion Companies Wish Authors Knew

Reading Time: 5 minutesI wish I was magic. If I had one super power it would probably be flying or you know, selling a truckload of books. It’s funny though how often authors think that book promotion companies are magic. Yes, we know a lot of stuff – it’s our business to know. But there are limits to what a good book promotion company can do for a book. Getting reviews, getting traction on Amazon are all good things, but it takes a village and it takes an author willing to dig in and do the work. That’s the real magic.

But is there more to it than that? You bet. Let’s have a look at the 10 things book promotion companies wish authors knew:

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