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Should Your Book Be A Textbook?

Your book may be perfect for the college market.  To get your book sold into the classroom you’ll need to convince professors to use it for the course, or you might be able to sell it to the college bookstore as an optional, supplementary book.

The Ultimate Guide to KDP: How to Succeed on Kindle Direct Publishing

What do Andy Weir and Luke Jennings have in common? Not much — at least until self-publishing through Amazon changed their lives. Jennings, with his Booker Prize nomination, already belonged in the writerly mainstream. Weir, on the other hand, wrote code before he ever wrote novels, learning C as a teenager to work with combustion researchers.

Since then, both have released books through Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing. Jennings’ novella, Codename Villanelle, became the basis for the acclaimed BBC thriller Killing Eve. Weir, meanwhile, saw his first novel, The Martian, turned into a Matt Damon blockbuster by the same name.

Amazon turned a journalist and a programmer into international publishing sensations. Want to succeed on KDP like they did? Let’s take a look at everything you’d need to do to make this powerful sales platform work for you. Before we’re done, we’ll turn the killer book you wrote into a self-published bestseller.

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How To Sell Your Book To People

Customers Have Needs
People want to buy from you. All that you have to do is convince them of a few things, namely that you offer something of value and enough supportive evidence that you will deliver on your promise or offer.

5 Best Book Promotion Strategies for Romance Authors

Reading Time: 8 minutesI’m so excited to be teaching a class around book promotion at Romance Writers of America this week in New York, which has inspired me to write this post for the many, many awesome romance authors out there!

Romance writing is such a unique market. We know it’s busy and popular, but your readers are also voracious. They read a lot, and they love discovering new authors. Romance authors have been given a wonderful opportunity to really speak to readers on a very personal level, and every element of their book promotion must reflect this. Every time they purchase one of your titles, they’re inviting you into their lives and admitting their (sometimes very secret) fantasies and desires!

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Before You Market Your Book, Set Your Objectives

Photo credit: thumeco on / CC BY-NC-ND

Today’s guest post is an excerpt from One Million Readers: The Definitive Guide to a Nonfiction Book Marketing Strategy that Saves Time, Money, and Sells More Books by author and nonfiction writing coach Boni Wagner-Stafford(@bclearwriting).

The very first thing you want to nail are the marketing objectives for your book. You’re likely familiar with objectives and the key role they play in any business (or personal) endeavour.

The many authors that discount, overlook, or dismiss setting objectives for their books as irrelevant miss out on the key strategic link that objectives provide between dreams and reality.

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125 Book Promotion Ideas to Sell More Books and Build Your Brand

Reading Time: 43 minutesComing up with, and executing, book promotion ideas on a consistent schedule to ensure you’re always reaching new potential buyers can be exhausting. There’s a reason I put together such a great team!

But if your goal is to sell more books, marketing is absolutely crucial. So, I’ve saved you the hassle and collected 125 different book promotion ideas that are either free, or very easy to work into a small marketing budget.

Remember, you can’t sell more books by simply doing one marketing strategy, and you need to keep in mind that so much about your branding has to do with your sales conversions as well. So stay open-minded when reading through this list because I assure you, if it’s here, it needs to be on your radar.

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Is It Time To Call The Book Marketer?

Unless you know it all and have all the time in the world to execute a comprehensive, rewarding, and productive book marketing campaign, you will need to hire someone to help you. Here are eight things to consider when looking for professional guidance:

How Authors Use Instagram Stories to Connect with Readers

Instagram is a popular social network with over 1 billion active users on the platform each month. Of those, 500 million use the Instagram stories feature every day. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories let users capture and share photos, videos, text, and other features that can be viewed in a slideshow format. These stories appear at the top of users’ Instagram feeds and disappear after 24 hours unless the creator saves them to their profile as a “Highlight.”

Authors can take advantage of this engaging feature to reach readers who enjoy scrolling through stories (as opposed to just their feed). With over 32 million posts tagged #bookstagram, it’s clear that Instagram is a social network that authors can use to connect with readers! We recommend experimenting with the many different ways you can use stories to learn how best to engage with your audience. To give you some ideas on the types of stories you can create, we’ve compiled a list of how authors are using Instagram stories in creative ways.

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Evergreen Content For Your Blog

The post The Ultimate Guide To Creating Evergreen Content For Your Blog appeared first on ProBlogger.

This post is based on episode 136 of the ProBlogger podcast.

Back in 2007 I was asked a question:

“If you could only write one type of content on your blogs forever, what would it be?”

My answer then is the same as my answer now: evergreen content.

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