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Watch “Amazon Has BIG NEWS for YouTube Creators!!” on YouTube

10 Tasks Authors Can Do Every Week To Grow Your Online Presence

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We have a phrase that we say quite a bit around our house: progress, not perfection. It’s something that I have to say to myself daily. It’s the things that we work on consistently and strive for that make us better and how we see results.

One of the best things an author can do to implement that progress and see real results from their work is to have a plan. Many times when authors are just starting out or if they are looking to take things to the next level, it’s difficult to know what changes they need to make.

So I thought I would share 10 applicable and doable tasks that you can put into practice to grow your online presence and make a big impact.

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Important Reasons Authors Need to Think About Blogging by guest @kikimojo

To blog or not to blog—that is often the question. I mean…isn’t blogging dead? We have Instastories, for heaven’s sake! I really do get it. Blogging has changed a lot in the past twenty or so years when it emerged from the womb of Livejournal and similar sites.

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Simple Ways Authors Can Benefit from Podcasting by guest @SuzKelman

Getting your voice heard above the social media clamor can be challenging. I have launched three books over the last few years and I am always looking for creative ways to market. As well as all the obvious ones, social media, ads, and building an email list, I have found podcasting to be very effective

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The Best Book Marketing Tool You Probably Aren’t Using

The Best Book Marketing Tool You Probably Aren’t Using

What if I told you there was an easy and effective way to network with big blogs and big industry names without ever having to leave your house? Maybe you’re thinking “oh, I’ll just follow them on Twitter” and while that’s a good book promotion idea, it’s also passive. Good book marketing requires a more active approach. So, let’s explore how you can do that.

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