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Self #Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter… The Bible for Self Publishers! #MustHave. Also @MarkCoker #Smashwords Resource

Just as promised from my last Periscope where we talked about paperback printing of a book, here is the Self Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter (RIP).

Click here:

Also someone mentioned they were having problems with their ebook formatting. I didn’t want to get off topic, but just check out the formatting guide from Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords and the most awesome guy I know. (Not just because he gives me nice royalty checks every 3 months either) LOL

Smashwords Style Guide – How to Format Your Ebook (Smashwords Guides 1) Kindle Edition

(if you download it ON SMASHWORDS as a epub on your Android the Google store will open it right in your GoogleBooks Secton after the download is complete. Really cool)

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Here’s more products that I offer as well

Author Starters Guide 

Motown Writers'.png

Everything a Michigan Author needs to start your writing, publishing & marketing journey but were afraid to ask, couldn’t find or didn’t know

Currently only available as a paperback

Price: $20.00 USD



In this book you’ll find:

  • Six Month Writing Plan
  • Checklist for Writing, Publishing & Marketing
  • Detailed Independent Publishing Checklist
  • Kindle Publishing Checklist
  • Resources & Links
  • Businesses that sell Michigan Author
  • Important Publication Registrations
  • Resources to Print the Book
  • Book & Business Resource Listings
  • Metro Detroit Library Listings
  • Michigan American Bookseller Association Independent Bookstore List
  • Links to
    • Book Review Listings
    • African American Book Clubs
    • Book Blogger Listings
    • U.S. Public Library Listings




mini-guide-toselfpublishingw-freeresourceMini-Guide to Self Publishing – download

a guide to assist the writer in getting a touch of what it will take to publish their books…image091

Price: 0.00 USD




How2eBook&Market/BookBlog101/EngagingReaders Presentations

Three presentations to help authors publish and market their content on the Internet.
Files include a video 3 PDF Resources and 3 PowerPoint presentations.
Once you download the zip file, open and look for the file titled “Start Here.”
Happy Learning!

Price: 10.00 USD


21st Century Marketing For Authors Bundle w/Resource & Bonus!


21st Century Marketing for Authors gives beginning engagement tips and thorough knowledge of how to present yourself and your website in today’s world. Learn how to take the old and make it new, but what not to do anymore or what doesn’t work.

After The Book Marketing in the 21st Century – This is a basic resource sheet with links that are mentioned in the pdf and video.

The 21st Century Marketing video can be seen on YouTube for FREE at





This is a paperback ONLY with valuable resources for $5. 

Blogging 101 for Authors w/Resource Sheets



A beginner’s guide for Authors to learn how to blog. Grab the video from our YouTube channel and then follow along with the powerpoint. Also, includes 5 pages for resources sheets with links.

Price: $8.00 USD



Literary Empowerment Coaching Service

Are you frustrated and just need quick questions to all your eBook needs without breaking your bank?
Sylvia Hubbard has been in the eBook industry since 2000 and can become your eBook whisperer. Called an author’s best friend, she has spoken in the United States and Canada on Ebook Writing Publishing and Marketing. Let her spend a little time helping you get to your eBook Literary goals! For $75 dollars you will receive ONE HOUR of coaching and answers to your questions.

Price: $75.00 USD


The Deluxe Social Media Package will help readers and authors conquer the World Wide Web one day at a time. With Links, Resources and Powerpoint Presentations, participants can learn how to find ways to share their passion on the Internet and make money at the same time.

– Social Media for Authors & Readers Notes
– Blogging for Authors-Readers 101 Resource Sheet
– How to Grab Interviews using podcasts and Internet online Shows to increase sales

– Links to videos to help Readers and Authors master promotion, writing & marketing

Price: 9.00 USD 











Resources for Writing Publishing & Marketing Volume One 2018

Buy Now

Resources for the writer and author needing quick links to their pressing questions.

1. Finding Publishers for Traditional Publishing

2. Spreading the word that my book is published

3. 1st Book, Not sure what to do Initially

4. Where should I end the book & how to prepare my manuscript for publishing?

5. Establishing an Author’s Platform and getting started

6. Strategies for increasing my eBook and online book sales

7. How to make time to write my book

8. Best marketing plan for my book

9. How to get book marketing plan to maximize the book’s sales and message



Image result for selling books without youtube sylvia hubbard

Image result for how to sell books youtube sylvia hubbardImage result for podcast sylvia hubbard



SEO for Authors

SEO For Authors

SEO has an air of difficulty around it. It’s fiddly and detailed and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Rachel McCollin, ALLi author member, discusses SEO for authors bringing you all the tips and tricks you need to master SEO.

Rachel McCollin

SEO for Authors

So, you’ve got yourself a shiny author website and you’ve added a great page showcasing your books, a newsletter signup and maybe a few blog posts.

Now what?

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 How To Grow Your Audience And Sell More Books Using Social Media

By Autumn

One of the biggest goals of an author is to get their thoughts and writings out into the world. Unfortunately, that’s impossible without an audience. So what can you do to grow your audience base and sell more books? These are some of the most successful strategies you can employ.

Social Media

If nobody knows about your book, you can’t expect them to buy it. That’s why social media is such an integral part of today’s successful marketing initiatives. You want to target and be active on all of those platforms as much as possible. This is because the most popular indie authors are the ones that people actually know about. And nobody can know about you if you don’t put yourself out there.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram still hold the lead in capturing people’s attention, but Pinterest and social websites dedicated to book promotion hold a lot of weight as well. The ideal platform for promoting your book will depend on your target demographic, so it’s always a good idea to develop a solid profile of your audience. Doing this will help you determine which platforms you should focus your promotion efforts on. For now, let’s dig into the main three social channels.

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Outside the Box Book Marketing

Outside The Box Book Marketing

In a saturated world, finding fresh ways to market your books and find new readers is increasingly difficult. However, author member Lesley Tither shows us how a little outside the box book marketing can create amazing results.

headshot of Lesley Tither

Lesley Tither lives and writes in France.

The End, What Now?

You’ve finished your book. Congratulations! Now comes the hardest part of all – marketing.

How are you going to make your book stand out from the tide of Indies and mainstream flooding the market at the same time? And what route will you choose in an attempt to be seen? Amazon ads? Social media? Newsletters? Pretty much the same as everyone else out there, then.

Before I retired to write full-time, I was a freelance copywriter. One of that band of silver-tongued devils whose job it is to make you believe that your life is somehow incomplete without XYZ product. Those ‘stylish court shoes, lovingly crafted in whisper-soft leather’ which you bought on a whim? That was me – sorry.

Outside the Box Book Marketing

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Brand Strategy for Authors: How to Truly Stand Out From the Crowd

Brand Strategy for Authors: How to Truly Stand Out From the Crowd |

Why does your work matter?

What experiences do you have to share with others and what value do you offer that only you can provide?

Because, if you can’t easily and clearly articulate your vision or the purpose behind your work, you will never be able to convey its importance to others. [CLICK TO TWEET]

It’s not enough just to be good at what you write. You need to be able to create an emotional connection with your reader – often before they’ve had a chance to read your book.

How you position your work, how you distinguish yourself from others in your field or genre, as well as how all your efforts are perceived or interpreted by your readers, can be the difference between a brand that’s fab, or one that fizzles.

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How to Leverage Book Signings

Book signings – despite the fear associated with them – can be an extremely useful marketing tool. You get to meet real readers for one, you grow your confidence and sell books. Alexa Nazzaro, ALLi Partner member and founder of, has a ton of creative ideas to show you how to leverage book signings.

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