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How to Organise a Book Signing Event

When we first start writing, many of us dream of having a book signing. We also cower at the prospect of having to talk to ‘real people.’ But for the most part, meeting readers is what we want. Organizing and delivering a book signing day can be daunting. ALLi Author member Eileen Omosa explains how to organize a book signing.

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Reedsy Has Launched an Epub to Mobi Converter

Amazon still won’t convert a user’s Epub ebooks to Kindle format, but luckily there are alternatives such as Calibre or the converter Reedsy launched a few weeks ago.

I got an email from Reedsy on Friday which brought the converter to my attention. I didn’t have a chance to play with it until today, however. The converter has a simple interface; you just drag your Epub file over the window, and let go. You’ll then be prompted to enter your email so the resulting Mobi ebook will be sent to you, and that’s it.

I tested the converter just now. The Mobi I made from an Epub file arrived quickly and looks just as good as the the Mobi I got from from the publisher, although Reedsy’s file is well over twice the size.

All in all, it’s always good to have another option.

Have you tried it yet?

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Google Play Books is Cutting Out the Middleman, Now Wants a Direct Relationship with Authors and Publishers

Many authors and publishers use a company such as PublishDrive or Draft2Digital to handle their distribution to smaller ebook retailers. They trade a small cut of their revenue for less hassle in managing their ebook offerings across multiple smaller ebookstores whose sales do not justify a direct relationship.

One would think that it is a good deal all around. Google, however, would disagree.

I’ve just heard about a policy Google started enforcing a couple months backs. It seems that Google now wants all authors and publishers with titles in Google Play Books to have a direct account with Play Books.

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What to Share on Social Media Before Your Book Is Written

When it comes to growing an audience on social media, every single author faces a time that I refer to as “The Gray Area.”

It’s that time between when you start writing a book and when it is released, and it’s often met with much trepidation from authors. The Gray Area is the time of needing to grow your audience but not knowing how to talk about your book early on in the process without giving too much away.

To see the results you’re looking for on social media, you have to be consistent. If you only post around the time your book comes out, you will probably be disappointed by the response.

If you think about social media as any relationship you have in life, this will make more sense. If you only talked to your friends when you needed something but ignored them the rest of the time, you won’t hear much from them.

Social media wasn’t created for marketing – it was created to build relationships.

And like any relationship, it takes time to establish trust. So as an author, it’s important to start that process as soon as possible. Even before your book is completed.

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Tips: How to Create Your Author Platform Basics by Guest @IolaGoulton

As a freelance fiction editor with a degree in marketing, I’m passionate about helping authors publish the best book possible. Why? Because a great product (book) is your first and best marketing tool. Basic Number One: Have a Great Book

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3 Reasons Authors Need a Content Strategy Now by guest @AbbieMood

Why Is Content Marketing Important for Writers?Over the past few years, content marketing has gained popularity as a marketing strategy. And rightfully so—businesses all over the world are successfully using blog posts and social media to gain customers, clients, and brand fans.

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5 Reasons Authors Should Market Themselves With Email by Guest Conor Kelly

EmailWe love it, we hate it.  We like to complain we get too much of it, but we’re also addicted to our inboxes.  If you’re an author who’d like to build a following, sell more books, and be seen as the go-to person in your industry, then this article will show you how

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Making Your Book’s Description POP on Amazon

It’s tough enough to write an eye-catching blurb for your book on Amazon, especially so when you consider how many millions of books are there to compete with. It’s something we all struggle with, believe me. So how do we make our blurb pop? How do we draw eyes to it on our sales page?

A very quick and easy way, and a very effective way, is to use italics and/or bold in your book’s description. If you’ve published through KDP, I’m guessing your first reaction to this is, “Huh? There’s no option for that in KDP.”

You’re right; there’s not. The emphasis is something you have to add after publishing, and you have to do it through your author central page on Amazon.

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The One Thing Authors Can Do to Dramatically Boost Their Visibility on Instagram

An author recently asked me how I always show up first in her feed when I post something. It’s not a big trick or something that you pay to do – it’s actually much simpler than that.

The one thing that dramatically boosts your visibility on Instagram is engagement.

Engagement is when someone comments, likes, or shares your posts. Strong engagement shows Instagram that your audience finds your posts interesting or helpful and that your content is relevant to them.

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Secure More Media With 10 Critical Book Marketing Strategies

Secure More Media With 10 Critical Book Marketing Strategies

t’s one thing to write a book, it’s quite another to truly understand which book marketing strategies get the attention you deserve. Book promotion feels tough, and it is tough – but it’s not impossible. And when it comes to media pitching, national and otherwise, the rules have really changed.

I’ve written a lot about how a great media pitch can improve a lot of your book marketing strategies, beyond media pitching even, and why a solid subject line is more likely to get your intended target to open your email, but I want to go beyond that. I’ll go a bit behind the scenes, so you know what the media really wants – and it’s more than just an outstanding pitch.

First and foremost the media wants someone who is an expert – who is on top of changing trends, new statistics, and who brings with them a robust social media platform. I’ve had reporters tell me that they sometimes won’t pick an author who isn’t really active on social, or who has a following that isn’t engaged with their message.

Now let’s take a look at that, and other important book marketing strategies that factor into whether or not you’ll get the ‘yes’ you’re looking for on your next big book promotion push.

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