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A funny thing happened on the way to promoting #DaddysGirl… I almost stopped because I started believing in other people’s ideology #WritersLife #CantStopWontStop #GetTheeBehindMeSatan

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

I decided to use a book promotion service called ShoutMyBook on Twitter. They have five different accounts and for 20 bucks a month, they’ll shout your book out to their masses.

I’m not one to get swayed by the masses. I’ve been given bad reviews on my books, and I’ve been picked on by readers who thought my books were in essence disgusting. (I’m speaking about Teach me To Love – a student/teacher relationship book, and Dark Facade – a whole ‘nother erotic that almost broke my website when I published it).

I was good for a while, trying to stay in the safe lane. I got a little push back when I came out with Tanner’s Devil because of the prostitution theme, but not too much and I survived that.

So coming out with Daddy’s Girl, I knew there was going to be some flack. I mean the…

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The Author Blog: Easy Blogging for Busy Authors via ‏@annerallen ‏

Get your copy / see more author’s books / check out author’s website

The Author Blog: Easy Blogging for Busy Authors by [Allen, Anne R.]An easy-does-it guide to simple, low-tech blogging for authors who want to build a platform, but not let it take over their lives.

An author blog doesn’t have to follow the rules that monetized business blogs do. This book teaches the secrets that made Anne R. Allen a multi-award-winning blogger and one of the top author-bloggers in the industry.

And you’ll learn why having a successful author blog is easier than you think.

Here are some things you’ll learn in this book:

•How an author blog is different—and easier to maintain—than a business blog
•What authors should blog about at different stages of their careers
•Choosing the right blog topics for your genre and audience
•How one type of blog post can build your platform quickly
•Basic SEO tips that don’t make your eyes glaze over with tech jargon
•How to write headers that will grab the attention of Web surfers
•How to keep your audience by learning the tricks of content writing
•Essential blog and social media etiquette rules
•What happens to your blog when you die?


Get your copy / see more author’s books / check out author’s website

“Anne writes the essential blog for today’s writers.” Mystery author Carmen Amato.

“I love following the blog of Anne R. Allen…for up-to-date tips and helpful articles for writers on what’s current in the publishing world.” Author D. G. Kaye.

“BRILLIANT! One of the Top 10 Resources for Self-Publishing Authors.” author Mark Tilbury.

“Anne is one of the most successful author-bloggers out there.” Reedsy

“One of the Top 15 Blogs for Indie Authors to Follow…I adore Anne’s blog. Aside from being one smart lady, her mix of sass and education is priceless.” Social media strategist and manager Frances Caballo

“You know what a huge fan I am of Anne R. Allen’s blog…absolutely marvelous.” Romance author Collette Cameron

“I recommend following the publishing blogs of both Jane Friedman and Anne R. Allen…I’ve implemented many of their tips, which have helped boost my SEO.” New York Times bestseller Eileen Goudge in Publisher’s Weekly

Get your copy / see more author’s books / check out author’s website

Top Marketing Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter

Are you looking for some good podcasts to listen to while commuting? Wondering which podcasts are the best? We’ve done the research for you. Below are the top marketing podcasts by category along with important information including what people think about the shows.


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How to Create an Instagram Stories Style Guide (and What to Include)

No matter how dedicated you are to running your company’s Instagram account, you can’t be there all the time. Everyone needs a vacation every now and then!

When another team member has to take the reins, an Instagram Stories style guide will help to set them up for success by covering everything they need to know. Read on to find out:

  • Other reasons you might need to create an Instagram Stories style guide
  • Everything you should include in your Instagram Stories style guide

Bonus: Download a free Instagram Stories style guide template that will help you maintain a consistent look and feel on your channel and be the single source of truth for your team.

Why you need a style guide for your Instagram Stories

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What It Takes to Launch the Next Great Blog, Podcast, or Video Channel

This week, we had some resources for any new, ambitious content-based project you want to get off the ground. (Or…

Guest Post: 5 Digital Marketing Tricks to Give Authors a Competitive Edge

By Mariah T.

When you’re an author, exposure is everything. You can get the competitive edge that you need with a few digital marketing tricks. As you get your book in front of more people, you can potentially increase your sales.

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How Can I Promote My Book For Free?

By David Kudler

I get asked all the time what the best way to market their ebook — preferably for free. Every author naturally wants to know how to get the word out about his or her book — and most are frightened that it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

To be honest, the most effective marketing that an author can do doesn’t involve paying money. Just lots and lots of time and effort. So not free, really, but no-cost, at least! And most of the ideas I’m going through here apply to any book format — print, ebook, audio… Probably smoke signal too.

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Guest Post: How Indie Authors Can Establish a Strong Digital Presence

By Josh Wardini

In an era heavily dominated by technology, it is not so surprising to find the publishing world gradually moving into online selling, whether it is print, ebook, or audio books. As an integral part of independent publishing, marketing is even more imperative in the digital era. Readers tend to do their research online, from new releases to the authors they love.

For independent authors who want to promote their books and build an online following, it is important to establish a strong online presence. But where do you start? How do you create a solid strategy that will help launch your personal brand and grab the attention of your prospective readers?

To begin, developing a marketing strategy that considers the current digital trends can lay down the foundation of a successful branding and publicity campaign. This step involves several factors:

  • Identifying your unique personal brand. What sets you apart from other authors? What genre are you specializing in?
  • Defining your target readers. Think of your audience. Are you writing for adults, teens, or children? Are your books geared towards women?
  • Setting your goals and priorities. What is your purpose of having an online presence? Do you aim to connect with your readers, sell more books, or both?

Once you have identified these important considerations, it is time to determine which particular digital channels can help you reach your goals.

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Use Expert Sources To Generate Local Book Publicity

By Sandra Beckwith

When Champion Products sponsored the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s Player of the Year Awards for the NCAA’s five college divisions in the U.S., I was responsible for publicizing the award nominees in their hometown media.

To get the most publicity possible for the authentic athletic wear brand and the athletes, I used what marketers would now call a “hyper-local” approach.

Another publicist probably would have created one press release naming all 25 nominees and sent that announcement to a mass media list. But I knew that with publicity (as with many other things), personalization was the key to success.

I knew I had to make it instantly clear to every hometown media outlet that the press release I sent contained local news for a local audience. To do that, I created a fill-in-the-blanks press release template that I merged with a database containing relevant specifics about each athlete. All I had to do was press a few keys to produce each nominee’s hometown press release.

Because of this customized approach, each nominee (and the subsequent five winners) received the hometown newspaper and TV news attention they deserved.

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Guest Post: How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan?

By Marquis Matson

After blogging sites started becoming popular in the late 90s, early into the 2000s, sites such as LinkedIn and MySpace quickly gained prominence. By 2005, social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube had made their debut, creating entirely new ways through which people across the globe could communicate, share with each other, and do business.

Today, the estimated number of people using social media platforms worldwide are about 3.2 billion and still growing. With that in mind, it goes without saying that for the success of any business in the 21st century, social media marketing is crucial.

However, social media marketing has not been a bed of roses for most businesses, and don’t let the numerous online success stories fool you. The reality is, digital marketing requires a lot of effort, research, and experimenting with different social media techniques for brands to realize significant growth and success.

From the on start, it is very important for marketers to be strategic. A well laid out SMM plan and attention to details are critical for success. This article has what brands and marketers need to help them create an outstanding social media marketing plan.

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