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How To Use The Right Words To Market Your Book

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The words we use matter.
They express a certain mode of thought.  They mean something specific, but can have different connotations for certain recipients or speakers.  Choose your words wisely when promoting your book and marketing your brand.
For instance, how do you position yourself when sharing your area of expertise and background?  Are you trying to sound like a thought leader?  An intellectual?  A get-it-done type of person?  Do you lead with your years of experience – or will this indicate youthful inexperience or outdated thinking as an older person?  Do you highlight a particular job you had, a personal experience, or samples of your wisdom and insights?
Are you a “veteran” of hundreds of lawsuits (if a lawyer) or have you been an advocate on behalf of hundreds of victimized individuals?
Do you help others lose weight, live longer, feel better, and look great (if a nutritionist) – or do you enhance one’s wellness and overall health?
The specific words, their order, their timeliness, and their relevance conspire to play a key role in how people come do see you.  Do you speak with confidence but not hype?  Do you guide, but not dictate?  Are you optimistic, but grounded?
How do you discuss the price of your book?

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