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Marketing Poetry and How to Find More Readers

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It was National Poet’s Day this week and in honor of that special literary holiday I thought it was appropriate to give poets some love, and talk about specific strategies for marketing poetry and improving your book discovery.

Because I think a lot of poets will concur with Graves when he said:
“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” — Robert Graves, in response to a questionnaire in Horizon, 1946.

And to put it mildly, it’s hard to make money at something that isn’t considered a profession.

That being said, authors around the world write in all sorts of genres without making tons of money right away, but what they do get in return, if they’re doing it right, is a dedicated fan base.

Marketing poetry the right way can get you that fan base!

But if you’ve written and published poetry, you already know how difficult marketing poetry books can be.

So here’s some advice on taking things to the next level:

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