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Balancing Writing and Business @elizabethscraig

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Balancing Writing and Business

by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Sometimes dealing with both creative work and the business end can be overwhelming.  On any given day, I’m brainstorming plots, researching a new promo approach, and reading articles about the publishing industry.  It’s a lot to juggle.

The part that probably takes up the most time and energy for me is learning something new.  And I’m always learning something new.  I’m branching into hardcover, I’m reading about new translation platforms, I’m trying a new app, I’m using a new aggregator, I’m reading up on Amazon ads.  There’s rarely a time that I’m not figuring something out.

I’ve discovered a few things that work for me in regards to both balancing the writing and business sides and making myself feel less-frantic in the process.



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