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How to Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours #h2e via @jeffbullas

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Patience. It is a virtue I don’t have.

So when I wanted to grow my audience quickly before my current book launch, I started researching growth hacks. I had a few requirements for what I was looking for:

  • It couldn’t take a lot of time to execute. I run three companies, am a published author, have two kids and occasionally like to see my husband, so time is limited. This hack had to be quick.
  • It had to be easy. I am not a techie and my tech team is busy working on client accounts, so this had to be simple. And yes, I could have hired someone, but I wanted to make sure I could personally do this hack so I could share it with our students as a strategy they could use when I found what worked.
  • There had to be ROI. Audience growth is great, but you can’t use the audience to pay for your next vacation or hire your next employee. The growth strategies had to be ROI positive.
  • It had to work quickly. I started this project in June and our launch started just a few months later, so this had to work quickly. And as mentioned before, I am not patient, so speed was a must.

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