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.@Amazon’s New Bestseller Lists “Amazon Charts” Aids Discoverability #h2e

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One of the biggest problems plaguing both readers and publishers–from the major household name to the individual self-published author–is discoverability.|

To put it mildly, there is simply too much to read for books to automatically standout, which is a great problem for book lovers to have. The result, though, is that content owners spend vast amounts of time and money trying to promote their work to avid readers, or risk languishing in the high-millions for book sale rankings.

Amazon, ever the careful retailer with a lot of technology at its disposal, has a new feature aimed at helping readers find great content. Thanks to Amazon Charts, you can now sort your search by “most read” (as in, the books with the highest percentage of page views on Kindle and the longest amount of read content on Audible), and the books that are the “most sold,” meaning the books that have sold the most copies, although this doesn’t equate to those books necessarily being read and enjoyed.

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  1. A lovely share, Sylvia.

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