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How to Build Your Email List, Be More Productive and Rank Better in Search Engines [ProBloggerPLUS] @Problogger

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D_Rowse-162G’day from ProBlogger HQ.

This week’s ProBloggerPLUS is a little late because I found myself in every blogger’s worst nightmare this week – we went away for a few days break where I expected to work in the evenings and…. we were in a dead spot for mobile phone connectivity and I couldn’t get online!

I’m happy to report I survived and the resulting few days away was even more relaxing than I intended!


Event Reminder: The early bird offers for this year’s ProBlogger events end in the next few days for our Australian Events and at the end of the month for our US event.

How to Build TWO Successful Blogs (and the Pros and Cons of Doing so)

I’m regularly asked about whether I’d recommend having two blogs or if it’s better to just focus upon one. I’ve managed to juggle two myself but while there are certainly benefits there are some risks and costs too. In this episode and transcript I share the pros and cons as well as a few tips on how to do more than one (if you choose that path).Read the Full Post

Has Google’s ‘Fred’ Update Left Your Rankings Dead?

Recently, Google’s ‘Fred’ ranking update hit the search pages. While Google hasn’t confirmed the update, it’s certainly live. Here’s our post on what Fred is, it’s impact, who is affected and what to do if you’ve been hit.Read the Full Post

3 Email List Building Techniques You Need To Use in 2017

If you are building your email list as a way to help grow your blog and business you’ll want to read this post from Jawad who shares 3 list building techniques that you’ll see many smart marketers use in the coming months.Read the Full Post

5 Steps to Creating a Productive Blogging To Do List

Most bloggers I talk to ask for tips on how to be more productive in their work. In this post Nicole Avery (the planning queen) shares 5 simple steps to a more productive blogging experience by mastering a strategy that most productive bloggers use – the to do list.Read the Full Post

The Complete Guide to HTTP Codes and Redirects

If SEO is important to you then understanding HTTP codes and redirects are very important. It all sounds a little geeky but if you put this in the to hard basket you could well be hurting your search engine results and rankings.Read the Full Post

5 Blogging Tips From A Social Entrepreneur

If you consider yourself to be a ‘social entrepreneur’ then you’ll find this article by James Aschehoug to be useful. In it he shares his top 5 blogging tips. This is good solid advice – particularly useful to those starting out.Read the Full Post



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