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Are you an author with a #WordPress website #book #promotion

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I’m compiling a website list of authors with WordPress sites. Please list yours in the comments.


If you’re a Michigan author please let me know also.

Thank you.


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    Please leave your information in the comments under Slyvia’s original blog post – NOT under my reblog 😀

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    Hello there! I am an author and also WordPress blogger. My blogs can be found at and My book PorterGirl: First Lady Of The Keys was published in September this year. Thank you! 🙂

  3. jazzfeathers says:

    Hi. My blog is and it is a WordPress blog.
    I write historical fantasies set in the 1920s (dieselpunk) and on my site I mostly blog about dieselpunk and the 1920s world, whether historical events, social history, sometimes silent films. I also share videos, music and quotes.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity at sharing 🙂

  4. I am a poet and author. My website contains examples of my poetry and other writings. Many thanks. Kevin

  5. Hi, I’m an author of women’s fiction relationship dramas, humor and suspense. I try and support the Indie author on my blog by hosting interviews, promotions and sales et:

  6. Hi! I blog at It’s a fun, family-friendly blog with information about my children’s books (humorous modern fantasy for age 7+) and messages from a wise little rescue dog called Millie.

  7. I am a multi-genre writer, with several stories posted on my WordPress website. I also have two blogs, though the blogs are neglected more than my site.
    Find me at and have a look around.
    Thanks for giving all of us this opportunity!

  8. Mick Canning says:

    Hi Sylvia. My site is, and my published book is Making Friends with the Crocodile, a novel about the treatment of women in rural India. thank you!

  9. Yecheilyah says:

    Hey there lovelies, EC here. My name is Yecheilyah Ysrayl, Historical Fiction author, Blogger, Poet, Book Reviewer. Here’s my blog site: Thank you kindly, much love ❤.

  10. Hi there

    I’ve only written my memoirs so far, but I’m focusing on creating awareness for issues like bullying, suicide, and autoimmune diseases. My blog can be found at
    Thank you 😀😉

  11. eddaz says:

    Hi my WordPress blog is I write about love, poetry and lifestyles. I recently published my first Ebook titled Unveil The Eagle which can be purchased on amazon. Thanks for this opportunity.

  12. Lindsay Nell says:

    Hi there! I self-publish childrens books on Amazon. My blog is I’ve written and illustrated 28 so far. I hope you have a chance to have a look at my blog. I’d love to connect. :). Have a great day!

  13. Michigan Author here! My books are on Amazon and here is my Word Press site:

  14. […] Source: Are you an author with a #Wordpress website #book #promotion […]

  15. tpolen says:

    I’m a new YA author who also reviews books and supports indie authors. Thanks!

  16. syl65 says:

    Hello, I am a poet and author. I try to inspire through my posts.

  17. mikesteeden says: I have two self-publish books of what I call ‘almost’ poetry out there. The Shop That Sells Kisses & Gentlemen Prefer A Pulse!

  18. Hello! My book blog is and my author site is on the WordPress server. Thanks! 😉

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    Wordpress users!

  20. Thanks. I write adult fantasy and have 9 books available now. My blog is about writing and being a writer, etc.

  21. kford2007 says:

    Thank you for this. I am a YA Fantasy author. I also review books and help out with book tours. Thank you for wanting to connect. 🙂

  22. Lyn Horner says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. My WordPress blog:
    I write western historical romance and romantic suspense, all with paranormal elements. You can find all of my books on my Amazon author page:

  23. Hi there, I have published two children’s books this year and have two others that will be published in the first half of next year. My blog is I also share my baking ideas and unpublished poetry on my blog.

  24. M.T. Bass says:

    I recently moved my author web site to WordPress:

    I also blog on WordPress at

    Not from Michigan, but I’m just across the lake in Ohio and we can sometimes see the glow from the lights of Detroit.

  25. Hi Sylvia, sorry if this is a repeat, but something happened in the middle of my post. I am an author of two YA books and numerous non-fiction stories in other books. I have a blog at and a blog at Thank you! 🙂

  26. Hope you don’t mind an Aussie author joining in!
    N. R. Eccles-Smith, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
    I’m an author/ illustrator of children’s fantasy novels, as well as short stories.
    My website hosts my blog, books info, comics, teacher resources, gallery, and other fantasy world-building info sourced from my fantasy series.

  27. jowensauthor says:

    Hi. I’m a Fantasy/YA indie author from Virginia with two books out so far. My WordPress blog is

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    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Please leave your information in the comments under Slyvia’s original blog post – NOT under my reblog. 🙂 Thank you in advance.

  29. My author web page and blog is at 🙂

  30. J L Hunt says:

    Hello, I’m a children’s book Indie author & my blog is
    In addition to my books, my blog is about Family, Life, & Fun 🙂

    Thank you, for this platform 🙂

  31. Hareesh Jayanthi says:

    You can find me at
    I write anything from historical fiction, science fiction, non-fiction and more.

  32. My site names are: A PEACE of ME TO YOU , and blogginginnerpeace.

  33. Sandy KS says:

    Thank you for the oppurtunity. I write on ‘Food With A Plan’ : It is a blog about making savory and tasty meals on a budget. I like going for few ingrediants, spices and making it look just as yummy as it taste!! If I can make it with a twist to be a healthier version. So be it.

  34. I have to ask… why are you compiling this list?

  35. Hi,
    I am an author of rhyme and verse. I have a self-hosted WordPress site

  36. sepultura13 says:

    I would put my info here, but it appears that you’re only asking about people who have already been published, and that’s where my struggle is.

    Any advice for someone who needs help in that regard, or are you only promoting those have already succeeded?

    • I’ll read and connect with anyone’s site thats informative and talks about their literary journey. Sometimes we need to see other peoples journey to learn about our own. You don’t have to be published. You can just
      be a book writer to be

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