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Are you an author with a #WordPress website #book #promotion


I’m compiling a website list of authors with WordPress sites. Please list yours in the comments.


If you’re a Michigan author please let me know also.

Thank you.



  1. Simply-Me says:

    I am an author of poetry and short stories, my writings can be found on .

    Thank you for the lovely offer and post.

  2. Hi there! I am an aspiring author and do quite a few short stories for WordPress as well as trying to get my book published! It’s a Dark Romantic Comedy with a young man escaping his past but doesn’t know if he will.

  3. harperpages says:

    Hi There! I’m always on the look-out for more authors with WordPress sites, so thanks for doing this.

  4. Rebekkah says:

    I have a WordPress site, but I’m seriously thinking about get a new one set up. Maybe not WordPress because I pay for this one, and I’m not happy with it. It doesn’t have the features I want, and I don’t understand WordPress. Here’s the link to my site:

  5. Hello, I’m a new author of paranormal romance and fantasy, working on my first paranormal series. Before publishing the first book of my series I do as well publish my poems on my blog. My WordPress Site is:

  6. […] Source: Are you an author with a #WordPress website #book #promotion | Nesie’s Place […]

  7. The Owl Lady says:

    I’m a Michigan author.
    I have two WordPress blogs. The first is a general blog where I post about authors and helpful hints
    The second is for my business, Owl and Pussycat Promotions, which promotes the authors who signed up for our services I work with author Karen Vaughan.

  8. Nice to be here! I write literary fiction with a thread of romance

  9. This is a great idea! I love meeting people with similar goals/hobbies. is mine!!

  10. summoningwords says:

    Hi! I’m an author and made a site on wordpress… here it is

  11. I have an author page.
    Thank you for compiling this list.

  12. KLIKQQ says:

    Nice Share and Nice Post ..❤❤ LOVE it❤❤
    Come and visit my blog ..

    Thanks u


  13. I have a wordpress website.
    I am currently posting chapters from a book I have started writing called Bad Blood, I hope that it may some day get published.
    It is a story of teenage romance.

  14. I am author who writes fantasy novels and completely random posts.
    My blog:

  15. jerryshutes says:

    I have a wordpress website about family,honor and personal experiences its I also have a blog incorporated into the site

  16. Good morning, I have a site run through wordpress although I got the domain. I write about motivation and introspection, I have one book published and writing a second one. At this moment I’m not physically in Michigan but I will soon. I will follow your work, have an amazing day.

  17. staycheeky says:

    Can I pretty please be on your list. Thank you,. Gordon

  18. Yeah, I am Indian motivational author .
    Hope you like my motivational blogs

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