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Take A Folding Chair Book Marketing Tour

Why not expand the idea to everywhere?
Authors should see if they can set up a table in the back of other stores, not just bookstores.  They can approach colleges, non-profits, government agencies, and any locations where people gather.  Just by being in front of people you have a better chance of selling your book than if you were nowhere to be found.
Call it the folding-chair book marketing campaign.

How to Repurpose and Syndicate Your Blog Posts for More Exposure


Need more exposure for your blog content? Wondering what your options are?

In this article, you’ll learn how to republish your blog posts on social networks and other platforms while protecting your original content’s search rank.

How to Repurpose and Syndicate Your Blog Posts for More Exposure by Erin Sanchez on Social Media Examiner.

How to Repurpose and Syndicate Your Blog Posts for More Exposure by Erin Sanchez on Social Media Examiner.

Why Repurpose Your Blog Posts?

Repurposing blog content can be a confusing task for even seasoned content creators. On the one hand, the benefits are clear: your content has a better chance of being found when it appears in numerous places online, and as such, so does your business. On top of that, getting your content published in several locations can be a powerful way to drive traffic back to your website.

But repurposing content also brings up a lot of questions and concerns. For instance, will publishing your blog posts on other platforms negatively impact your website’s SEO? The same question arises when someone asks to syndicate one of your posts on their site.

Then there’s guest blogging. You might be wondering why you would spend your precious time and energy writing for another site. Furthermore, because you wrote the content in the first place, shouldn’t you be able to feature it on your blog as well?

While these are all valid concerns, taking a few simple steps can help ensure you’re getting as much value from your blog posts as possible while safeguarding your SEO.

Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Book


After writing (and editing), marketing and promotion is a key step in book publishing. It helps to keep this in mind throughout the whole process.

For example, The Book Designer recommends authors take into account a couple key questions:

  1. Who are you writing for?
  2. Where does your reader hang out?

With this information, you can make sure you craft a pitch that resonates.

The Secret Tactic Driving Significant Growth for Locally Based Businesses

Jeffbullas’s Blog by Jeff Bullas  /


Once upon a time, not that long ago, the business world was made up of two distinct ecosystems.

Online and off.

Now, the distinction is a little blurry…

Consumer expectations for response time, availability of information, and immediacy of need satisfaction are growing by the day and it is forcing offline businesses to re-think their approach to customer engagement.

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In simple terms: Whether you have a brick-and-mortar jewelry store or a fully-fledged eCommerce business that sells dog toys, your customers expect you to answer their queries within hours, not days.

For many locally based businesses, keeping up with these consumer expectations is hard work. You’re under-resourced as it is and have 101 other priorities on your plate. How can you possibly sit on your laptop all day responding to people’s requests on Facebook?

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What Should I Do Today To Market My Book?


Let’s say you are an author who understands that you are responsible for your book marketing, whether or not you have a publisher. Let’s also say you have some time, money, and resources, available to support your efforts.  Exactly what should you be doing right now?
Authors should operate out of a plan.  So step one is to create a book marketing and publicity plan.  This provides a detailed overview of what will be done by whom, for how long. It includes a budget as well.  The plan can include publicity (pursuing traditional/digital means), social media (what you will generate), speaking, advertising, and other options, such as telemarketing, direct mailing, e-blasting, or networking.

Guest Post: The Key to an Effective Social Media Strategy for Writers


Whether you’re a writer of nonfiction — blogs, articles, technical and nonfiction writing — or an author of books and fiction, you know how important it is to be active and engaged on social media. It might seem like a headache or a chore to keep up with so much when you’d rather be spending your time working on your writing, but there are some easy ways to make your social media efforts both efficient and even fun. Here are some tips for a successful social media strategy.

Writers: 3 Tips for Better Promo on Goodreads from @ChrysFey

Promo Tips

Man holding phone in front of a Chrys Fey, @ChrysFey 

Back in June Elizabeth graciously had me as a guest on her wonderful blog for 3 Things You’re Probably Not Doing on Goodreads that You Should. Shortly after that post went live, I thought of 3 more things you could do on Goodreads and wanted to do a follow-up post here. So, are you ready for 3 additional tips that are easy to do and can be beneficial to you and your books?

Well, here they are!



Ahhh! Book release! Time to do all the things and still somehow get a reasonable amount of sleep at night. Or during the day. No judgement, fellow vampires.

I don’t know about you, but book releases really sneak up on me. (It sure did this year. I, uh, have a book out tomorrow. Yay!) I always feel like no matter how much preparation I do, I’m always forgetting something. This year, I tried to be a bit smarter. I had help making a plan, and I kept to-do lists. 

It’s really important to know what your publisher is doing in advance, that way you don’t cover the same ground. If your publisher is going to do a preorder campaign, for example, then you don’t need to worry about doing that work yourself and you can focus your efforts elsewhere. 

Keep in mind that even if your publisher isn’t doing much in the way of promotion, you don’t need to do it all yourself. You can hire someone or find an enthusiastic friend to get you organized. For me, outside help was key this year. I ended up accomplishing a lot more than I would have otherwise. (I work with YourBookTravels, but there are lots of people out there who can help with a variety of things for a variety of prices.) 

No matter how you go about it, make this as easy for yourself as possible. And remember: you don’t have to do everything. You can say no to requests. You can delegate. You can eat cookies until release and let the Bookscan numbers fall where they may. Do what works best for you.

So with that in mind . . .

Everyone’s release duties are unique, but here are a few things to consider putting on your to-do lists: 



by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

It’s October and in honor of Halloween, I just couldn’t resist a tongue-in-cheek post about something scary. After spending the year traveling and teaching writers about blogging, I have plenty of fears to share. Lest you think this is me pointing fingers, let me reassure you. EVERY single one of the things listed has been something I’ve done/struggled with at some point.

Remember, none of us is born knowing how to do this stuff. So lets laugh at our phobias together!

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Less Common Interview Questions for Blog Author Interviews: @ZoeMMcCarthy

image by kimono
Releases tomorrow.

For The Putting Green Whisperer releasing tomorrow, I had a stack of interviews for which I answered bloggers’ questions. At first, I liked the common questions, but was ashamed at the reason. I could copy those answers from other interviews and get the interview job done.

After I’d worked on answering a few unusual questions, I realized they revealed more about me and my story. Below, I list some less common interview questions that may tell more about an author and the author’s book.

Less Common Interview Questions About the Author

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