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80 Million Books Sold. Tips For Long-Term Author Success With Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Writing one book is hard enough, but writing several books a year over a long-term career is a challenge that few authors can manage. That’s why I love to talk about longevity with authors who are still writing after 30+ years, and in today’s show, I talk to urban fantasy legend, Sherrilyn Kenyon.

In the introduction, I discuss the AI translation from English to Chinese that took 30 seconds with 95% accuracy. [The New Publishing Standard]. Plus, my personal update and the launch of Valley of Dry Bones this week.

This podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life, which helps authors self-publish and reach readers in global markets through the Kobo eco-system. You can also subscribe to the Kobo Writing Life podcast for interviews with successful indie authors.

Sherrilyn Kenyon. Photo credit: Liza Hippler/ Nashville

Sherrilyn Kenyon is the multi-award-winning and multi-number-1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance with over 80 million books in print sold in over 100 countries. She also has YA novels, children’s books, manga, graphic novels, coloring books, historical romance under a pen-name, and her Lords of Avalon novels have been adapted by Marvel.

You can listen above or on iTunes or Stitcher or your favorite podcatcher, watch the video here, read the notes and links below. Here are the highlights and full transcript below.

Show Notes

  • Sherrilyn’s links with Europe and how her fascination weaves into her writing
  • Tips for writing a series that sustains reader’s interest over time – and why her characters are like family. Her latest novel is Stygian, in the long-running Dark-Hunter series
  • How Sherrilyn engages with her super-fans, the Menyons, and what strategies she uses for marketing – including a preference for live interactions at conventions and why merchandise continues to be important
  • How to maintain a sustainable creative writing and publishing career over the long-term, and why staying positive is the best way forward in an ever-changing market.

You can find Sherrilyn at and on


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