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Hello, authors and small publishers!

We often have clients with a desire to enter their books into publishing competitions. It’s a great idea, but where do you start? We’ve researched the most popular national and international book awards and compiled a list of those you may want to consider.

Awards are most often given for writing quality, production quality, and design (inside and cover). There are subject/genre categories, design categories, and even special awards for new publishers, new authors, or those leaving a legacy. You’ll want to choose each category wisely, as part of the criteria will be based on your book’s genre. You’ll be required to send one or more copies of your book per category to the sponsoring organization. Most then donate the books to various libraries or non-profits.

Of course, if you are a finalist or winner, you are able to tout your book as an award-winner (maybe even national or international award-winner), and you become an award-winning author. You can purchase stickers to place on the cover, tout it all over your website and social media, and send out press releases to announce the news. Each competition offers their own perks to winners as well, ranging from monetary prizes, representation at trade shows, announcements in their magazines, and their own press releases.



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