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The CreateSpace to KDP Print Migration: Issues to Watch for

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The indie publishing world has been abuzz since authors received an email from CreateSpace stating CreateSpace would be closing and KDP Print would take its place.

Some authors have been greeted with a pop-up on CreateSpace that tells them they can move their entire catalog with one click. Other authors haven’t yet received the pop-up but should soon, since CreateSpace said the option would be rolled out slowly over the next few weeks. If you don’t yet have the pop-up, don’t worry; CreateSpace has said within a few weeks, if an author hasn’t moved books from one account to the other, CreateSpace will do it for us.

I must have been in the first group to see the option, because the pop-up appeared in my CS account shortly after I received their email. Because I didn’t trust the company to do the migration for me, I decided to click and see what happened. For the most part, everything migrated smoothly, but there were a few issues I’d like to warn others to watch out for.

Before we get to that, if your CreateSpace account uses a different email than your KDP account, make sure to enter the correct email address for your KDP account after clicking the pop-up. If you don’t, the system will be confused. I don’t know exactly what will happen, only that authors in a few discussion threads have mentioned running into problems because they forget to enter the correct email address and CreateSpace couldn’t find their KDP account to begin the transfer.

One you’ve made it past that, even if it looks like everything has transferred smoothly to your KDP dashboard, you’ll want to be sure to check on the following:



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