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Book Launch Checklist: A Marketing Timeline for Traditionally Published Authors

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Book Launch Checklist: a Marketing Timeline for Traditionally Published AuthorsAs a traditionally-published author, it’s important to supplement your publisher’s marketing campaigns with your own promotions so your lovingly crafted words reach as many readers as possible. Nowadays, readers want to personally connect with authors they like, especially online. So even if your publisher is running fabulous promotions, it’s important to engage with fans yourself.

I release six books a year through a traditional publisher — three new hardcover/ebook launches and three paperbacks launches — and that frequency means I need an easily replicable marketing plan. After years of testing various marketing strategies, I’ve developed a book launch checklist with tried-and-true tactics that best build buzz and sales.

My publisher takes care of some of the cornerstone promotional tactics — BookBub Featured Deals, paid advertisements (BookBub Ads, Facebook ads), arranging publicity tours, and so on — so this checklist only includes the tactics that my team takes care of. I do have a dedicated team of marketers to help me run my own campaigns. Not every author has such support and resources at their disposal, and their audiences may respond better to different tactics. But by providing this checklist, I hope to help other authors develop a book launch checklist of their own!

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