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10 Ways Authors Can Grow a Facebook Group

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By Frances Caballo

Facebook can be a downright drag. No, I’m not talking about the Cambridge Analytica firestorm or Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before a Senate hearing, which, by the way, was a real snoozer.

No, I’m talking about Facebook business pages, known among writers as Facebook author pages.

Eons ago, like maybe six years ago in reality, if you wrote a status update on your Facebook author page you could rest assured that about 36% of your fans would see what you’d posted.

Each year since then brought new tweaks to Facebook’s algorithm to the point now that you’re lucky if 1% of your updates make it into your fans’ newsfeeds.

Like I said, a real drag.

Mark Zuckerberg says he changed the algorithm so that people with Facebook profiles could see more of what they want to see, posts from friends and family members.

I, of course, think the reason is more nefarious. Zuckerberg has to monetize Facebook and how can he do that? With ads of course. So, if you want more than 1% of your fans to see your posts, guess what? Yep, you have to buy advertising.

There is a way around this, you know. What? Facebook groups. More and more romance authors are using groups instead of Facebook author pages or in conjunction with them. Actually, a lot of experts who run courses also offer Facebook groups as a benefit of a buying a course.

If you’d like to see a Facebook group in action, here’s a link to 20 of them. But if you want to know how to set up a Facebook group of your own, keep reading.

How to Set Up a Facebook Group

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  1. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Check out this great post from the How to eBook blog with 10 ways authors can grow a Facebook group.

  2. the pretty poems says:

    I have my own Facebook group and I encourage other writers and poets to join. It’s like a writer’s Workshop – the details are on my homepage.

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