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The Secret To Getting Breakthrough Book Publicity via #BookMarketingBuzzBlog

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I’ve been promoting authors and books since I came out of college in 1989. That’s a lot of press releases, faxes, emails, calls and visits to the news media. So you may wonder:  “What’s the secret to achieving great PR?”

First, you have to have a plan of action.  You can’t just wing it or first start to promote a book once it’s published.  To break through, you must craft a detailed PR plan – and stick to it.

Second, you need a strong hook to get people immediately interested in you. Find a way to present yourself using the fewest amount of words while rallying around a very strong angle.

Third, it helps to line up your ducks.  No weak points.  Have a great title and sub-title.  Have a name endorser.  Make the cover splashy with snappy back cover copy.  Your credentials should unquestionably qualify you to write your book.

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