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How To Fix A Broken Book PR Campaign

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Are you underperforming when it comes to getting book publicity and if so, what can you do about it?
In order to fix a problem, you need to properly assess it.  Identify, thus far, your book PR campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. What areas have the potential for success – and which ones have proven to be unviable?
Underperforming doesn’t just mean you aren’t achieving results that you hoped to achieve or even thought reasonably possible to obtain. It means you are below expectations or the norm.  You know you can still do better. So how will you fix this mess?
Start by identifying what has worked so far.  Think about why it worked.  Continue with that approach.  Was it the angle pitched?  Wasn’t it something you did to convince others to cover your book?  what was the method used to reach the media (phone vs. mail vs. in-person vs. snail mail)?  Did you have a connection that was leveraged?  Was there a tie-in to the news cycle?
Then look at what hasn’t worked.  What could be modified or overhauled about your approach?
Next, look at upcoming opportunities. Are there upcoming story angles that you should utilize, given the news cycle or holidays or honorary days that are coming up to tie into?
Sometimes an under-performing PR campaign needs to have goals or revised ones – and it needs a rededication or commitment to achieving them.  Will you spend 20 minutes a day on PR?  An hour?  Two hours?
Another area to explore is that maybe you need help.  Are you prepared to hire someone to help you market and promote your book?
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