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Is Podcasting Your Novel Worth It?

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I love podcasts. I listen to them while cleaning the house or cooking dinner. A few years ago, I discovered Podiobooks. I used to love to go there and pick out a novel to listen to while I was busy around the house. I don’t use the site much anymore, because it seems to be mostly genre fiction that doesn’t interest me very much.

There was a time when podcasting was a great way for indie authors to get heard. People like Scott Siglerand J.C. Hutchins were blowing up the podcasting scene. That might not be entirely true, but it’s certainly the way it seemed to me at the time.

Podcasting your novel was a way to build a fan base and kick start book sales. It doesn’t seem like that’s the case anymore though. I never hear about indie authors podcasting their novels anymore. Is podcasting your novel worth the hassle? Can it still be used as a vehicle to get a fan base?

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