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15 Ways To Promote All Books

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In the fake news era and the faux fake news campaign put out by President Trump, Americans increasingly don’t know what to believe or understand the difference between fact and fiction or news and opinion.  Where shall they turn for guidance?


Libraries, bookstores, and schools play an even bigger role in society than we could have imagined five years ago.  Now, more than ever, we must rely more on our books to help us know what’s going on in the world.

You might want to start by reading books of fact, such as an almanac. Or you may need a refresher on free speech.  The net neutrality law that’s been decimated by the Trump administration will injure intellectual freedom in this country.  Perhaps you should just read George Orwell’s 1984, because we are living in some of that world right now.

Trump even recently limited how words like science or abortion can be used by federal agencies.  It’s just a blatant attack on reality, down to the words that we use to describe things.

Books are what will save us – but not completely.  Books do us no good if they don’t inform the masses.  Further, they mustn’t just inform us – they must enlighten and move us to take action.

For some, books are a luxury or something not viewed as important.  For others, they escape from reality with fiction, further eroding their involvement in society.  We need everyone to literally be on the same page.

So what role can you play in all of this?

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