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Why Marketing Your Business Offline Could Be What You Need To Get Ahead

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If you’ve been stuck trying to promote your business online for a while, you might be having a hard time getting results.

The truth is, online isn’t the only answer. That’s right – there’s still a lot of money to be made by hitting the streets and promoting your business the good old-fashioned way.

Even if you run a completely online venture, there’s value in looking at how going back to basics could be what your business needs to gain new leads.

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While it’s true that having an online business opens you up to thousands (or even millions) of potential customers, and offers huge scope for many businesses, it’s a hugely competitive marketplace. There are literally millions of potential customers, and there are also millions of competitors all fighting for the same piece of the pie.

If you’ve recently tried to rank highly for a particular search term, you’ve no doubt seen how difficult it is. As you’re probably already aware, if you can’t get onto the first page of Google, you might as well be nowhere. The first place on Google can garner up to 34% clicks from all searches for that term. If you’re 11th (first on the second page), you might struggle to get 1%.

This is why going offline can help you get a corner of the market that your rivals may have ignored.

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