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5 Warning Signs That Your Product Launch Will Fail Miserably

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The word itself sends shivers down every entrepreneur’s spine.

But the cold, hard fact is that failure is real.

Statistics tell us that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

And stories like this make us want to never, ever take the risk:

“I launched my eCourse in September 2016 and I didn’t sell a single spot. My husband was so mad at me for investing $1,500 in Facebook ads as a last-ditch effort to bring in interest. I couldn’t motivate myself to work on my business for nearly a month after that. The worst part is that I’ve lost confidence in myself. It’s as if this is a sign that I should just throw everything into the trash and go back to an office job.”

Sure, heaps of motivational quotes and inspirational memes will tell you that risks are worth taking and that it’s better to try and fail than never to try at all… but the reality is that not all of us can afford to fail.

Failing is expensive!

That is why it’s vital to spot the warning signs that you may be about to fail before you actually do. There are actually some glaringly obvious warning signs if you’re looking to launch an online program like an eCourse or a webinar that it may not attract big numbers.

It may sound like a grim topic to talk about, but it’s an important one. Here are 5 Warning Signs That Your Product Launch Will Fail Miserably and how you can turn them around.

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