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E-Book Readers Are Showing Their Love for @OverdriveLibs

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Overdrive is the largest company operating in the digital library sector and many people are frequently borrowing them instead of buying. Overdrive recently conducted an “ask me anything” on Reddit and they have been showered with praise by the vast majority of users.  Here are the most notable statements the company made.

“Audiobooks are absolutely trending up much like podcasts. They actually increased in popularity at a higher rate than even eBooks through OverDrive. A massive reason for this is the convenience that digital audiobooks offer as you don’t need to carry around loads of CDS. Currently we offer hundreds of thousands of audiobooks available in our marketplace and we add more each month.

“An important note is that libraries determine the content they want to purchase so if your library doesn’t have a large number of audiobooks you can always recommend that they add more. A great tool to use is our search function on You can search our full catalog and sort by audiobooks to find books you’d like that your library doesn’t currently offer. Sometimes audiobooks aren’t produced at the same time as the new release eBook or physical book which may be why you see a lag in when they’re released but if you search at you can peruse the millions of titles we have available.”

“Wishlists are being integrated into Libby.”

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