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Home » authors » Basic #HTML To Spice Up Your Blog by @mardenec via Concierge Librarian #authors #codingbasics

Basic #HTML To Spice Up Your Blog by @mardenec via Concierge Librarian #authors #codingbasics

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I believe all authors should learn HTML which is why I’m so glad the Concierge Librarian did this article on this subject. 

Not too techie; not to little. Just enough. Read this, pin it and read it again.


Basic HTML To Spice Up Your Blog


Bloggers should try to learn basic HTML because it can save a ton of money.  It is an easy way to spice up your blog without breaking the bank.

Learn Basic HTML

Basic HTML

Introduction To HTML

HTML is an acronym for hypertext markup language; markup there means it is plain text language. To prepare a document for the web, we need to markup the text with specific tags.  In HTML, tags walk in pairs; one to open and one to close.  Both of these tags are pretty much the same name except the ending tag is preceded by a “/”.   Example to display “HOME” we would need <strong>HOME</strong>.

Element Vs Element Content

Read more at:

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