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The Power of a Book Tweet via @goodereader #h2e

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Self-published authors have resorted to “buy my book” tweets for so long that social media is a minefield of useless book commercials. But one purposeful–albeit off the cuff–tweet from an independent bookstore led to an exponential increase in sales.

According to Book Web, Carmichael’s Bookstore in Louisville, Kentucky, reached out to author Shea Serrano after he directed his followers to Amazon. Rather than disparage the retail website, the bookstore’s tweet aficionado simply suggested that Serrano remind his large fan base that indie bookstores could use a little support, too.

Serrano answered the call. He tweeted to his 100,000+ followers to order his book from Carmichael’s, complete with link to the store. Within a matter of hours, Carmichael’s had over one thousand orders for the book, more online orders than they usually receive all year. There were so many orders, in fact, that Carmichael’s had to call in reinforcements from its other locations to help fulfill the orders.

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