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How to Optimize Your Amazon @Author Central Pages (Don’t Forget the Int’l Pages) @janefriedman #h2e

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Today’s guest post is by Penny Sansevieri (@bookgal), CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts.|


She recently released 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors, from which this post is adapted.

Most authors have learned by now that it’s critical to have a great Amazon book description and metadata. But incredibly often, authors don’t take the time to also leverage their Amazon Author Central Page as a sales tool. And it could hurt your sales, especially as you develop your reader base. Readers tend to use Amazon to look at an author’s complete list of books, so by optimizing your Author Central page, you’ll find that you draw in more repeat readers than before. Perhaps exponentially so!

Every author, regardless of when or what they’ve published, has an Author Central page. But many authors have not claimed theirs. If you’re not sure you’ve claimed yours yet, head on over to Author Central. You can access it using your usual Amazon login credentials. Even if you are traditionally published, you still have an Author Central page.

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  1. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner, Indie Author. and commented:
    I didn’t know I could add Amazon author pages in France and Japan. Thanks for this!

  2. […] URL into the address line there, hit OK and that’s it! The best part is, once your MS is live on Amazon, anyone who clicks on your book and opens it to read the first page (yeah, everybody does this), […]

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