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How to Set Clear Goals and Objectives for Your Book Launch

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You write books for a reason, right?

So, what do you want to achieve with the launch of this particular book?

Is it to generate pre-orders, sales, or affiliate and partner sales?

Is it to hit bestseller lists and see your name trending along with the who’s who of the literary world?

Is it to increase visibility, extend your reach, drive traffic to your website, grow your platform, build your brand, or leverage your book as a business tool?

Is it to become the Steven King, John Grisham, or Nora Roberts of your genre? Perhaps it’s something more altruistic like making a difference, inspiring people, and changing lives for the better. These are all valid reasons to write and launch a book, but they’re not necessarily all relevant for this launch.

Before you begin defining specific goals and objectives, it’s crucial to reconcile how this launch fits into the bigger picture.

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