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Content Creation for Bloggers: 14 Kinds of Shareable Content #h2e

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In this increasingly social world, where the effectiveness of your book marketing can seem to be a matter of metrics—hits, shares, likes, re-tweets, re-pins—shareable content is, or should be, the goal for all author bloggers.|

All these ways social media gives us to comment and pass on each others’ work depend on one thing: great content to share.

Although video has exploded as a favorite form to share across social networks, a huge amount of the content that lies behind the links that fly by on Twitter and other social outlets still lead to text-based articles.

This is especially true when searchers are looking for authoritative information that will help them with a problem they’re trying to solve.

Thinking from the point of the searcher—the person who is typing in a search bar right now, trying to formulate a way to find what they are looking for—is the best way I’ve found to create content that people will really want to share.

Like anyone blogging for a number of years, I’ve tried just about every kind of content creation I could think of, or that I saw other bloggers using successfully on their blogs.

I said in the last article on content creation that the content you fashion for your side, no matter what format it’s in, embodies your strategic goals for your site.

Content isn’t created in a vacuum; there has to be a need for it to exist. Why else write it?

For subject-matter experts, this often involves demonstrating their expertise in a way that helps others solve problems.

For newcomers, it might be sharing what you learn on your journey.

Other writers provide news or entertainment. There are so many kinds of sites, it’s hard to generalize.

But every day, some content rises above the seething mass of new articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts. What makes some content irresistible?

Irresistible Content

The qualities that make something irresistible to readers include content that is:

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