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Promoting a Series to Keep Readers Hooked #bookbub

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We authors often discuss how to promote individual novels.|

We know about running advertising campaigns, building mailing lists and websites, pricing and discounting, and so on. But trying to promote a series of novels is a different beast — you need to convince readers to buy multiple books and make a bigger time investment. So how can we best promote a series of novels?

Here are some ideas to help you market your series. As a case study, I’ll use my science fiction series Earthrise. I began releasing Earthrise novels eight months ago. Since then, using these techniques, I’ve sold nearly 150,000 copies. In addition, readers have read nearly 50 million Earthrise pages in the Kindle Unlimited library.

Using the strategies outlined in this article, you can achieve similar — or even better — sales. While Earthrise is a science fiction series, you can apply these techniques to other genres as well.

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