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The Art and Science of Writing to Market #h2e

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Note: This is a guest post by Dave Chesson, who helps teach authors advanced book marketing tactics at He’s also the creator of KDP Rocket, software that helps authors discover profitable book ideas that Amazon shoppers will love.

When I first started Kindlepreneur about a year and a half ago, I didn’t have a following. I was just a writer with an idea that I thought was unique – teach people advanced book marketing tactics.

But, as we all see when we first create our platform, nobody knew it existed. My traffic was zero.

I was writing articles that I thought self-publishers needed to know, but no one even knew my content was there; thus, no one read them.

And that’s why I shifted my strategy. Instead of writing my best stuff for no one to find, I’d start my platform by writing articles I knew people could and would find when they searched the internet.

I decided to start creating ‘seed’ articles

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  1. A very interesting share.

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