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Missing Contact Information Is Killing Your Book Sales

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Guest Post by Joan Stewart of

Contact information is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about book sales. But what if someone needs 50 copies of your book but wants to call you to negotiate a bulk price? Will he find your phone number at your website within 10 seconds? Or will you make him search for it until he becomes so frustrated that he leaves?

Missing Contact Info is Killing Your Book Sales by Joan Stewart for BookWorks.comWhat if a reader, who never buys anything online, wants your book and prefers to pay with a check? Will she be able to find your mailing address

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  1. I agree that readers should have an easy means of making contact. To this end I include my email address in a prominent place but broken up in order to defeat spammers. I would be reluctant to give out my home address due to the danger (however remote) that a mentally unstable individual might bombard me with hate mail or in the worse case scenario pay a visit. I might consider setting up a PO Box address but, in my experience an email is sufficient. Kevin

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