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#BookPromotion on #Wattpad

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Notes from An Alien

Last November, I was finally convinced to try Wattpad. Wattpad

Then, later in the same month, I wrote about Wattpad being a special “social media” platform for writers.

That was early in the game…

I had a relatively small number of folks I followed and there were some following me…

I have four books there; and, will soon have a fifth—one of my books, my novel, was getting reads and comments and all was productive and fun…

Then, last month, my novel jumped from 1,ooo to 2,000 reads and my followers jumped from about 300 to over 1,200.

Today, I have 3,200 reads on the novel and nearly 2,000 followers…

What happened was Wattpad decided to Feature my book.

Suddenly, being on Wattpad is “work” yet very welcome and productive work.

Back in November, my novel was being read in…

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  1. Thanks, very much, for the re-blog 🙂

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