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What do you need to be prepared on #SocialMedia? #Hardware #Documents #Authors #BookSellingTechnique #Video

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What do you need to be prepared on social media? #Hardware and #Documents


A phone

Most of us get caught up on this.  We think we need the latest and greatest phone in order to make it on social media. That’s not true.  I’ve done miraculous things with that old Nokia brick phone. I do suggest you have at least an Apple5 or Samsung5 to make it. If you haven’t connected to the cloud for storage do so. Try to save as little as possible on your phone in order to keep the operating system running smoothly.

Other Hardware:

A nice size bag that can fit your laptop, tablet and tripod. I bought a tripod that’s works magnificently and fit my budget. CLICK HERE. If you shoot with your phone, you want to get a cell phone holder for the charger. CLICK HERE. And if you shoot with your tablet, CLICK HERE  to get a charger.





Speaking of the cloud, in the 21st Century every social media prepared author and writer needs to have an account in the cloud. Whether it’s iTunes or Google Cloud, having a way to store files,  photos, videos and audio clips is very important. Since you do a lot of social media from your phone, being able to store files, retrieve repeated texts and post regular pictures you want to add to your social media all the time is very handy and time saving.



100 word bio – There’ve been many times I’m in a group or on Facebook and I see someone needing to feature an author today. Someone canceled, they forgot to schedule and the world is coming to an end, BUT if you can send your bio and picture with social media links you could be featured for free in the next hour.  Bam! In my 100 word bio, I have ONLY A HUNDRED WORDS THAT WORKS GREAT! I also have all my social media links and related links as well. One file is awesome.

Pictures – On my phone I have a SD card that saves up to 64Gigs of space. The phone itself saves up to 36Gigs, so I’m very good on space, but I do have a file on my SD card named promopics. I add pictures of myself, video thumbnails, book covers and even backgrounds I can work with when I’m doing quotes or making video on my phone.

Book files – If you only have one to three books, you can actually add this information to your 100 word bio file. Since I have over 37 books, I needed a book file. I created this file on my computer and then uploaded it to Google docs. In the file contains all my books in order, a quick subtitle and a link to where the book is sold on my website and where the book is sold on Amazon (I try to use my affiliate links in the file to shorten the URL.)

Promo File – This file is used to copy short status messages I can schedule on  a monthly basis to my social media schedule software. I go through monthly and clean out expired posts, while adding more. I usually range abut thirty to fifty status messages that can fit in all the accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram.) This files saves me so much time when I’m just sitting around  waiting for a child.

Hashtag document – This is so no matter what you post, you should have at leave 10 blocks of hashtags with that post.

Two words I can say that makes me absolutely adore these files – Time Saving. I implore you to please make these files up these weekends and have them on you.


Happy 21st Century marketing!

To see more 21st Century marketing, check out two videos that will help you.


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What could you add to the list?

What other ways are you technically challenged?



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  1. If you watched the video, I spoke about the Neo2 Keyboard (word processor).
    Here’s the link:
    I’ll also add it to my Amazon page on the site at :

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