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Creating a Universal Amazon Book Link – A quick tip

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This is an awesome marketing tool for the Superstar author!

Author Don Massenzio

I recently ran a free book promotion weekend for one of my books. I experimented with placing a Facebook ad that reached out to multiple countries, not just the U.S. My dilemma with doing this is that I didn’t have a way to post all of the links for the various Amazon sites in other countries on my ad without it looking clumsy.

I searched for a way to create a universal link for my book. A universal link, when clicked by a potential reader, is designed to take them to my book on the appropriate Amazon page for their country.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do this at absolutely no cost. The site I used is called Booklinker. You can find it HERE. It’s very easy to use. Just paste the URL for your book from any country’s Amazon site in the field as shown:

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1 Comment

  1. Really easy instructions to use. I did two of my books and set them up in my social media manager right away

    How does the son of serial killer get revenge against the prosecuting attorney?
    #SylLit August Book of the Month:

    Do you know his secret? The #MysteriousMrBlack

    I love how they come up in preview too.

    I hope you use this!

    No excuses!

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