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What Amazon’s New Buy Box Policy Means for Indie Authors via #PW

Photo: Courtesy of the author.

Brooke Warner.

In recent weeks, Amazon’s new Buy Box policy has received a fair amount of industry attention and blowback, leaving publishers and authors speculating about Amazon’s motives for implementing it. While some think the industry reaction is a tempest in a teacup, with publishers raising their hackles once again over an Amazon business decision, others see the policy—which allows third-party sellers to “win” the Buy Box, thus relegating publisher listings to the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section—as an aggressive move against publishers and authors.

Amazon has long enjoyed the widespread support of independent authors, who rightly credit the retail giant for their ability to be authors at all. Without Amazon, most indie authors would have no means of reaching a broad readership. Many will recall the 2014 open letter on endorsed by 27 authors, including J.A. Konrath and Hugh Howey, condemning New York publishing and championing Amazon, reading in part:

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The 5 Basic Ingredients Of Successful Book Marketing @jckunzjr

In order to become a successful self-publisher, you will need do devote a large part of your life to marketing. This will encompass marketing yourself, as well as your book. Understanding these five ingredients will insure that your book marketing efforts will be a success, and lead to more book sales, more fans, more followers, and more clients.

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In order to become a successful self-publisher, you will need do devote a large part of your life to marketing. This will encompass marketing yourself, as well as your book. Like most self-publishers, you the author, and your brand, go hand-in-hand with that of your book. You will quickly learn that writing your book was only the beginning of a long and interesting journey.

So, with that in mind, always keep these five basic ingredients in your thoughts when you’re marketing and promoting your book. Understanding them will insure that your book marketing efforts will be a success, and lead to more book sales, more fans, more followers, and more clients.


Promo checklist

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

Going through several promoting articles I started to build a checklist.

Beginnings would love this and intermediate can use this list as reminders.

Advance people?

Just share it or make special articles about your promoting checklists.

Checklist when publishing books

1. Make a great book cover
2. Edit your book well
3. Create a good description of book
4. Complete Amazon Author Page
5. Announce on all social media
6. Encourage reviews
7. Do a book trailer & video promos
8. Become an Amazon Affiliate
9. Get promo material for your book
10.Create a hashtag for book
11. Check out
12. Blog – a least once a week

What is your promotion to do lists?  Comment below

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How Do Kindle Unlimited Subscribers Behave (And How Does it Impact Authors)?

From Written Word Media:

Kindle Unlimited has revolutionized the eBook experience for both readers and authors. Last year we took a look at how Kindle Unlimited affects authors and publishers. This year we want to take a closer look at the habits of KU readers compared to non-KU readers, and what that means for authors whose titles are enrolled in KU. We surveyed almost 1,000 readers and analyzed the results to find out what the takeaways are for the author community.

. . . .

The service currently costs $9.99/ month, and there are over 1.4 million titles available to enjoy. Most of the books available are either classics or titles published through Amazon imprints and Kindle Direct Publishing. This means that if, as a reader, you most frequently read titles by popular, best-selling authors, you may not find the names you recognize available in the KU library. To date, none of the major publishers have opted to make their titles available through KU.

KU readers can read as many books as they want per month. The one limitation is that readers can only have 10 Kindle Unlimited books downloaded to their devices at a time. This means that readers can’t “hoard” books the way that they may normally feel inclined to.


Writers, Scam Artists, Agents, And More (Sigh) #h2e

From Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

Just when I thought it was safe to get back into the water…

I’m editing a lot these days. I only edit short fiction projects. Anthologies, anthology series (Fiction River), the occasional nonfiction book, and some magazines. I’m also consulting with the fine folks at WMG Publishing, because they’ll be handling the contracts for the revival of Pulphouse next year. Dean’s vision for Pulphouse includes reprinting some of the older stories, which means we have to deal with estates.

Too often, estates mean agents.

But even some lazy-ass living writers give their agents control of everything. It took me one year—one year—to get my hands on a non-fiction reprint that I wanted for a project of mine. The centerpiece for that project was an editorial written more than 20 years ago by a writer who had forgotten they had even written it. This writer, a friend of mine, doesn’t do email, and mostly stays off-line. (I know, I know.) I didn’t know about their tech phobia when I started into this, and had sent five different emails before I asked another editor friend how to reach this writer.

The editor advised snail mail.

Before I resorted to that, though, I called. The author and I are friends, after all. On the phone, the author told me that their agent handles everything. I do mean everything. The author—one smart cookie otherwise—can’t be bothered to concern themselves with touching anything to do with business. I had no idea this author was an Artiste, but I guess I know that now.

I also know why most anthologists refuse to reprint this author’s work.

I was pretty excited about this non-fiction project when I started it. I missed the publication window because of this agent and this writer. Fortunately, my publisher pushed the deadline back. We’ve pushed it back again, and again, and again. And frankly, I’m not feeling it any more. I have completely soured on the project.

The big bad agent, by the way, negotiated a horseshit deal for the writer that essentially gave me more rights than I would ever need. I offered the usual fee, which the agent did not negotiate up (although he could have). By that point, I was too pissed to give a break to these people. The amount of money—on publication, if there’s a publication—to the agent and the author will be negligible.

International Digital Awards contest ~ Great Prizes ~ Low Entry Fee ~ Open to all authors

International Digital Awards contest ~ Great Prizes ~ Low Entry Fee ~ Open to all authors

Enter your short, novella, or novel fiction in a contest where you’re judged on your STORY, not on how many friends vote for you. Readers will judge and score your work, based on their enjoyment of it. Even if you don’t place, you will gain exposure to at least three new readers!

Fee: $25.00 for Novels, $20.00 for novellas and short stories (2016 winners and finalists receive $5 off)
Deadline: July 15, 2017

Eligibility: Any ebook with a copyright date of 2016 or 2017 that was available for sale in 2016 or 2017 and is NOT available for purchase in mass print. (Ebooks that are available as POD’s are eligible) *** If your book previously finaled in, but did not win, the IDA, it is eligible for re-entry.
Entry: Non DRM PDF as email attachment
Categories: (All of the following offer BOTH a short/novella and a Novel category in each genre) Contemporary, Erotica, Historical, Inspirational, Paranormal, Suspense, Young Adult
Judges: Readers, including other unpublished and published authors.

  • Prizes:Prizes: First place winners will receive an engraved paperweight. Winners and finalists will receive certificates. PLUS – additional prizes for winners include…
  • Featured on a minimum of 3 blog posts
  • Featured in a “winner” video trailer that will be shared on FB, tweeted, and featured on at least 3 blogs and websites
  • Multiple Tweets and Facebook posts 
  • Featured on a special IDA Winners Pinterest Page



Focus on Promotion: Statistics, Strategies, and Sales by Martha Reed


Thank you, PJ, for inviting me to guest post on Bookbrowsing. I’ve been so focused on promotion that I haven’t taken the time to analyze my sales. The data I uncovered for this blog has been tremendously insightful. I’ll use it to shape my marketing efforts going forward.

In February of 2017, I published NO REST FOR THE WICKED, Book Three in my Nantucket Mystery series through my Indie imprint, Buccaneer. From the get-go, I’ve tracked the sales results of my promotional efforts to see what worked best. Here is the analysis of those stats.

Baseline Availability

I used Amazon’s CreateSpace to publish NO REST as a trade paperback, and as a Kindle (.mobi) edition. I did not opt for the Kindle Select program, because I wanted my distribution to be as broad as possible.

I used Smashwords to create the other retailer e-book files I needed (.ePub for Apple…

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6 Places to Buy Cheap Ads Online (That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet)

Everybody knows about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads.|


But are there overlooked places online to buy inexpensive ads?

In 1905, a pharmacist by the name of Claud A. Hatcher worked late into the night on his new formula for a sweet, bubbly liquid. Soon, grocery stores around the world would be selling this new trendy cola. Hatcher came up with a name for his cola—and if you shouted Coca Cola, you would be wrong. He invented RC Cola, the much cheaper and far less famous version of Coca Cola.

In this article, I’ll present you the RC Cola of online advertising options. They might not have the brand power of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads—but they’re a little cheaper and still get the job done.

Use these advertising options to boost your content, impress clients with a cheap media buy, and experiment with your paid media strategy.

Bonus: Download a free guide that teaches you how to turn Facebook traffic into sales in four simple steps using Hootsuite.

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Video: Beyond Good and Evil: The nuts and bolts of DRM – Dave Cramer

Digital Rights Management (DRM) isn’t the elephant in the room; it’s the monster under the bed. We are afraid of it, and we hate it, but how much do we know about it? Let’s get our flashlights, look under the bed, and learn how it all works by watching an actual EPUB be encrypted! Knowing a bit about DRM will help our colleagues and customers better understand what might (or might not) happen to their books, and to make better decisions about such matters.

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Download the presentation slides here.

What Every Writer Should Know About Web Technology

Free webinar for writers:


I’m in!

Goins, Writer

What Every Writer Should Know About Web Technology

From Jeff: This is a guest post by Seth Leonard. Seth operates, a complete guide to building and expanding your online presence. You can follow him on Twitter: @sethleonard.

It’s tough to be a writer. Finding inspiration and finding work do not always come easily. As newspapers fall out of print and books go digital, technology feels like yet another hurdle between your words and your audience. You may feel like your craft is held back by technology, but writers have an advantage.

Man Operating a Vintage Computer

Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)

You are uniquely positioned to bridge the digital divide. So before you leave the tech to someone else, or worse, stay offline, here are three things every writer should know about web technology:

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