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15 Ways To Promote All Books

In the fake news era and the faux fake news campaign put out by President Trump, Americans increasingly don’t know what to believe or understand the difference between fact and fiction or news and opinion.  Where shall they turn for guidance?


Libraries, bookstores, and schools play an even bigger role in society than we could have imagined five years ago.  Now, more than ever, we must rely more on our books to help us know what’s going on in the world.

You might want to start by reading books of fact, such as an almanac. Or you may need a refresher on free speech.  The net neutrality law that’s been decimated by the Trump administration will injure intellectual freedom in this country.  Perhaps you should just read George Orwell’s 1984, because we are living in some of that world right now.

Trump even recently limited how words like science or abortion can be used by federal agencies.  It’s just a blatant attack on reality, down to the words that we use to describe things.

Books are what will save us – but not completely.  Books do us no good if they don’t inform the masses.  Further, they mustn’t just inform us – they must enlighten and move us to take action.

For some, books are a luxury or something not viewed as important.  For others, they escape from reality with fiction, further eroding their involvement in society.  We need everyone to literally be on the same page.

So what role can you play in all of this?

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How to Give Away an eBook From an Author Website

There are a hundred and one different sites on the web where authors can give away an ebook. They can use services like InstaFreebie, forums like MobileRead, or blogging platforms like BookLikes.

I was just working on a list post on the topic (stay tuned) when I was reminded of one option that almost never makes this type of list.

An author’s website.

An author’s website is both the most common place for an author to give away an ebook and the most overlooked. While the site won’t get as much attention as, say, a free ebook link shared in Facebook, offering free content on your site is still a good way to build your fan base and mailing list.

I have helped a lot of authors set up their site so they could give away an ebook, and setting this up is really not all that difficult once you know the steps involved. Here’s the what, the why, the where, and the how of giving ebooks away on an author website.

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How to create a book publicity tip sheet

When Irish children’s author Avril O’Reilly sent a tip sheet to media outlets throughout Ireland, she had immediate success that included newspaper and television exposure for her book, Kathleen and the Communion Copter.

In her tip sheet, O’Reilly offered parents advice for selecting just the right Communion gift for little girls. While her book is fiction, she was able to find a nonfiction nugget she could use to create a tip sheet that offered the media useful information they could use immediately.

What’s a tip sheet?

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How the Right Preorder Strategy Can Build a Book’s Platform

Preorders are a great way to earn money for a new book release before its launch date. I started the process for Gone Daddy Gone, the seventh novel in my Sloane Monroe mystery series, three months before its release. My goal was to promote the book enough to see consistent sales each day during the preorder period, and to build its platform early to hit the ground running after launch.

Pre-Launch Strategy

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Tech Tools for Authors #1

Authors have to juggle a lot of balls in today’s book industry. Not only do they have to write that next book, they also have to market it, balance the ledgers, woo their fans on social media, do background research on their next project, and make dinner.

With all this work piling up, everyone is always looking for ways to get more done in less time. The following post details a few online tools I use on a weekly basis to keep my head above water, plus one I really need to start using.

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.@Amazon is Now Punishing Authors for Running #BookBub Promotions

It is SOP in 2017 for authors to buy space in a BookBub or other sales promotion email so they can boost their ebook sales, but given how Amazon is letting its bots run amok authors might want to reconsider.

There are numerous reports on KBoards from authors who have had an ebook “rank-stripped” within minutes of a BookBub promotion email arriving in readers inboxes.

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Checklist: Eight Items to Include in an Author’s Book Listing

Comments and feedback on my post on bookshelf plugins for WordPress taught me that many authors still build a critical part of their website, the pages for each of their books, by hand. I like using said plugins because they make it easy, but I have built a few book pages by hand for a site hosted on Squarespace.

Building a book page freehand takes more work, but it also gives you more opportunity to tweak a design so it fits with a particular author’s style or with the book.

Here’s the checklist I put together to make sure I don’t miss important details. Do let me know in the comments if I left something off.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Podcast Your Fiction

5 Reasons Why You Should Podcast Your Fiction

Storytelling has gone hand in hand with the audio format since our ancestors told each other stories around the campfire.

I can remember lying in bed listening to Peter and the Wolf on tape, and before I wrote fiction, I listened to audio fiction podcasts like Scott Sigler’s Infected and 7th Son by JC Hutchins, early pioneers of podcast fiction. 

Nowadays, we have super-professional podcasts like Welcome to Nightvale, as well as audio-dramas and radio plays. In today’s article, Matthew McLean from ThePodcastHost, talks about why you should consider podcasting your fiction.

Why do you write fiction? What’s your ultimate goal?

Is it to get published, and see your book proudly displayed on bookstore shelves?

Or is it purely as an outlet for your creativity, and for the love of reaching people with your stories?

Whatever your reason, the decision to podcast some of your work can be life-changing.

Many writers have made the leap into fiction podcasting over the years. Probably the most famous example is American sci-fi and horror author Scott Sigler, interviewed here on The Creative Penn podcast.

Back in 2007, Sigler went from giving away free serialised content, to hitting the Amazon best-sellers list with his book Ancestor.

And while starting a podcast certainly isn’t going to guarantee you the same levels of success, there are still many ways it could benefit you.

Here are the five main reasons why I’d encourage you to think about podcasting your stories.

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Update: How to Host a Goodreads Giveaway #h2e

Update: How to Host a Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Giveaway Update

Goodreads giveaways are always free to list, that is if you don’t count the cost of your paperbacks and the postage you use to send your books to the winners.

Why even engage in a Goodreads giveaway? I’ve found that I always reap a bump in sales. Besides, giveaways increase awareness of your titles and you as an author, and let’s admit it; giveaways are popular.

Host Giveaways of Your Books

 Contests are easy to create and run on Goodreads because Goodreads is a partner in the endeavor. Follow these steps:


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