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How to Profit From Ebook Self-Publishing

By Mariah

Not too long ago, first-time novelists had to send their printed manuscripts to multiple publishers before getting published—if at all. If they play their cards right, today’s novelists can skip the publishing houses and agents and earn money through self-publishing. Ebook fiction, in particular, does extremely well. A number of authors have earned incredible sums with their popular ebooks, like Michael J. Sullivan, Lisa Genova, and Hugh Howey. While you may experience insta-fame from your experience, there are ways to improve your profits.

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Why eBook Promotions are Indie Author Gold


As an indie author, you have full control over your book’s success, which isn’t a responsibility to take lightly.

Many authors still dream of that publisher deal.  Once you sign that contract, you’ll be limited in what you can do.  Being able to do discount eBook promotions play a big role in the level of exposure you’re able to achieve and the options you have to grow your fan base.

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119 Book Marketing Ideas That Can Help Authors Increase Sales via #h2e

Whether you’re an author, a marketer at a publishing house, a publicist, or anyone else looking to sell books, there’s a wide array of book marketing tactics you can use to amplify a book’s exposure and reach more readers. To spark inspiration and get those creative juices flowing, we put together 119 book marketing ideas.

Some of these ideas can help directly increase book sales, while others may help expand your platform, which can lead to future sales. Not all of these ideas will be applicable all the time, and we encourage you to consider the impact each might have before deciding where to invest your time. But we hope these ideas will give you plenty of options when developing your own marketing plan.

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10 Ways to Tease Your Next Release via #h2e Penny Sansevieri 

So your next release is almost ready? Great!

Have you started marketing it yet? If not, it’s time to get going on it. As I said last week, when it comes to book marketing, “go big or go home” rings particularly true for indie authors.

Go big or go home with these 10 teases for your next release via @bookgal #gobigorgohome…
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Getting Started

So where do you start? The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that it’s available as an Amazon pre-order. Why? It gives you a direct link you can start using in your marketing. Share it in everything you do. Because not only can you use it to share with people as you tell them about your book, but it also drives pre-orders, which equates to more sales! And more sales in turn mean more buzz!

Next, you’ll want to be sure that your Amazon book page is going to net you the most hits possible using their internal search algorithms. And you’ll also want to take advantage of our killer tips to get more sales on Amazon.

Once this infrastructure is in place, it’s time to start teasing! Create that buzz – because, honestly, that’s what book marketing is all about. With your next release coming out soon, buzz is the name of the game, and it’s how you stay ahead of the competition. And that’s where this quick start guide will be an invaluable reference for your indie author marketing. It’s got something for you whether your goals are to become one of the most popular indie authors or simply to learn how to sell more books as a pre-release.

10 Killer Ways to Tease Your Next Release

Need more detail on each of these ideas or a sample if what we’re talking about? Be sure to check this post. You’ll see what a lot of successful authors are doing, and why they work well.

For a larger, printable version of our Guide to Teasing a New Release, simply click the image!

#IndieAuthors, ready to #sellmorebooks? @bookgal has some great tips for your next release!
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.@WattPad Raccoon is a New Digital Storytelling App

WattPad has just launched a new digital storytelling app for the iPhone and iPad called Raccoon. This app leverages video to tell great stories that are told in 60 seconds or less. Each of these videos is brief, and they feature a true story told by the person who lived it. They can be funny, eye-opening, serious or entertaining. The experience is sort of like a popcorn confessional.

Wattpad co-founder Ivan Yuen said in a statement, “Raccoon’s focus is to deliver real stories from real people, and it’s a critical step forward in realizing Wattpad’s vision to connect and entertain the world through stories. As we look to the future of storytelling,” he says, “it’s clear that video will play an important role—digital video audiences are predicted to reach 2.15 billion this year alone.”

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WattPad Raccoon is a New Digital Storytelling App

#Smashwords Announces New eBook Promotion Tool

In the ongoing debate about whether or not to list your indie book exclusively with one retailer, there are a few things that authors have to consider. Chief among the concerns usually falls back on sales: where are your books selling? If readers only come to your book via Amazon, for example, and you literally post zero sales on other platforms, it would make sense to then go ahead and take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select.

However, a new issue with Select, namely the books’ inclusion in the Kindle Unlimited reading platform, means that authors are currently paid out at around 0.04 cents per page for KU readers, an amount that has been steadily dropping all year. That’s not four cents, by the way, but rather point-of-four cents. That means a 200-page novel will net the author eight cents if a reader finishes the whole thing; even further, an author will only get paid the first time the reader enjoys the book. A number of authors have decided to pull their books from KDP Select for the sheer gamble of hoping that someone would buy the book rather than read it at that rate.

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.@IndiesUnlimited New Book Formatting Resource Page #h2e

Indies Unlimited  New Book Formatting Resource Page

by Administrators

ebook and print book formatting reading-1249273_960_720Here at Indies Unlimited, we are always striving to bring our readers more resources to help them on their writing, publishing, and marketing journeys. Our goal is to help authors do everything themselves (except for editing!) so they can put out professional books at as low a cost as possible. Today we hand the floor over to Caleb Clayton of Caleb’s Formatting Service who took the time to produce an excellent Book Formatting Resource page for us. The resource page will be located in our drop-down menu – but today you can read it below. – The Admin.

Yes, you can format your eBook and paperback in Word.

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How Does an 8,000 Word Story Go Viral? #h2e

Image: Alfred Lui/Flickr

A recent Atlantic story set a daily traffic record, but most people read it in bits and pieces, while eagerly sharing.

“Did you see that story in the Atlantic?”

This question was all that filled my world on Tuesday, after the Atlantic posthumously published an 8,000-word, complex exploration of an author’s relationship to the woman who was his family’s slave. The story quickly exploded—even amid the endless breaking news cycle in Washington—setting online daily traffic records for the magazine, according to the senior director of communications. It sparked many a twitter essay, blog post, take, and counter-take as the online literati tried to tease apart the difficult and emotional narrative. If you haven’t yet, you should really read it.

But as fascinated as I was by the story and its impact, I was also intrigued by a familiar trope and frenzy that takes place whenever a juicy, intelligent long read is published.

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Ebook Piracy – What To Do If Someone Steals Your Book #KindlePreneur #h2e

You’d be amazed at how many websites have pirated or claim to have pirated your book.|

There it is…sitting there, being given away for free….

.@Amazon’s New Bestseller Lists “Amazon Charts” Aids Discoverability #h2e

One of the biggest problems plaguing both readers and publishers–from the major household name to the individual self-published author–is discoverability.|

To put it mildly, there is simply too much to read for books to automatically standout, which is a great problem for book lovers to have. The result, though, is that content owners spend vast amounts of time and money trying to promote their work to avid readers, or risk languishing in the high-millions for book sale rankings.

Amazon, ever the careful retailer with a lot of technology at its disposal, has a new feature aimed at helping readers find great content. Thanks to Amazon Charts, you can now sort your search by “most read” (as in, the books with the highest percentage of page views on Kindle and the longest amount of read content on Audible), and the books that are the “most sold,” meaning the books that have sold the most copies, although this doesn’t equate to those books necessarily being read and enjoyed.

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